1. HAWT picture, and by DAYAM, Will, that you told the whole story right there. Sure it can be a story, an excellent story, but what you did there?

    Freakin’ awesome!

    I heard his voice. The promise, soft, silky, husky. The warmth of breath on the curve of ear…the promise, the dare, the challenge of it.

    oh, so yummy.

    my favorite one so far!!


    who is obviously far to verbose to just write one sentence anything !!!

    1. That photo, by the way, has always been a favorite of mine. I love that hint of hide and seek and what will happen when she gets caught. She will be IT. I thought up the sentence, then afterward went looking for the photo.

      Here’s another play on the photo:


      ~ He says, after taking off your clothes, let’s play hide and seek.

    1. aye, Cap’n….

      (yer dylithium crystals need an overhaul, soon, but there’s just no time, cap’n….)

      *laughing back*

      so glad we’re friends!


    2. Must. Resist. Star Trek. Can’t… OK, I give up.

      My favorite lines from the entire series? Episode: Doomsday Machine. Kirk: Beam me aboard. [Transporter malfunctions. Kirk gets closer to Doomsday Machine.] Gentlemen, beam me aboard. [Transporter still malfunctions. Kirk gets really,really, really close to early oblivion.] Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard…

    3. i kinda/sorta remember this one…i remember Kirks implacable face while delivering this line…but not anything else of the episode…now i’ll need to go find it and rewatch!!

      who. doesn’t. like. Kirk?

  2. i bet you could write a whole buncha one sentences about that pic…each stand alones…

    “Come and find me,” she sing-songed, wearing only her smile as she hid behind the tree.

    “Peek a boo, I see YOU” she laughed,kneeling and waving her bare bottom at him as he looked around the field for her.

  3. “…don’t think I’ll make it easy on you,” she said, right before running into the mountains light as a deer.

    1. You’re encouraging me to revisit these old posts. :) I never turned this into a story, but I always decide it’s really better to let the imagination run with it. Should I, though?

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