one sentence sex ✍ slumber party

She hides around the corner, unbuttoned, panties at her knees, furtively wiping his orgasm from her lips, throat and her swollen nipples.

~ Will Crimson

Latest Comments

  1. vanillamom says:

    ohmaaannn…You are the master of one sentence sex, Will…*curtsies*….

    loved, loved the pic that you captioned (captured?) so well with so few words!



  2. Alice Bluegown says:

    Very nice – why is ‘unbuttoned’ such a potent word?

    • willcrimson says:

      It suggests so much – has happened, could happen, will happen.

      Thanks for your first comment. I just checked out your site and added you to our list. You write erotic novels and novellas! Cool. How is that going?

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