From a walk in a new city. –M

I tried to circumscribe my desire
but in so doing discovered its fractal nature.

I thought if I could encapsulate and control passion
it couldn’t expand to consume either of us.

But I found this:
Tracing the maelstrom’s perimeter
running my fingers along its sensual texture
it’s far from smooth.

It crenellates ever finer
battlements on battlements.
Beyond jagged.
Beyond serrated.

Like the simplicities of curves;
your calf, thigh, ass
unfold through dimensions of sense and memory
to something more than skin and smooth and warm;
softness cutting sweetly.

I realize now
walking the lines of supposedly contained want
I may be just as lost,
just as consumed
as if inside them.

I think
it isn’t such a thing to fear
after all.

Latest Comments

  1. willcrimson says:

    This reminds me of my own post a while back: Rapture, and I enjoyed your post for the same reasons I wrote my own. The convoluted inward spiraling of your poem felt, in its own way, fractal.

  2. paul1510 says:

    Thank you, this is just, perfect.

  3. ximenawrites says:

    Your touch chases away
    the creeping cold that always lurks in me
    and threatens to freeze me out of myself again —
    an uncontrollable need to control my emotions.
    I’ve become an empty shell of who I wanted to be
    An analytical mess, an idiot savant, a perfect ape.
    Even after having fought so hard to find an identity
    I want to get lost in your embrace,
    become a silhouette who glories in your warmth.

  4. Lady Grinning Soul says:

    This made me smile. And sigh. Beautiful.

  5. vanillamom says:

    i read this on my phone yesterday…it was very …. “professorial” at the start…and then it just sort of melted…from a staidness…to a mellow acceptance…and it haunted me. I was thinking of it while driving home last night…

    and it wasn’t the words that came back so much, as the feeling of calm acceptance i felt at the end. i have a notoriously bad memory for words…but what they leave in their wake? well the good stuff lingers….


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