• Dragon (Photo Quickie)

    100 words over the thousand told by the picture.  –M I didn’t know, when I was falling in love with her, that she was a dragon. Perhaps her penchant for riddles and treasures would have been a hint. Or the way she could look at you, and find your greatest weakness and darkest desire with… Continue Reading

  • Acolyte ~ Epilogue

    She left Him asleep. His sweat was still drying on her skin as she tip-toed across His bedroom to a table laden with books. There was a large one on the blotter – something the size and thickness of a keepsake album. He stirred, and she looked back at His sleeping form, still naked. And… Continue Reading

  • Acolyte ~ Part III

    I didn’t feel his presence and whimpered. “Are you there?” I was covered with sweat, and the leather straps were slippery against my flesh. Something clattered to the floor. He made a sound, then cleared His throat. “Thank you.”  He noticed my physical reaction to my new submission and made the same sound again. “Tell… Continue Reading

  • Acolyte ~ Part II

    I felt the agonizing burn again. “One!” “As I eavesdropped on your prayers, I must confess that I gleaned a deeper meaning from your words.” He’d heard everything? He must’ve been there from the time I’d woken up. There was burning pain. “Two!” Pain radiated to my hip bones. There was searing agony on my… Continue Reading

  • Marks of Possession

    This started out as a hack at #5minutefiction. It turns out not to work as well with the cue, which was a line from Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. So I messed with it and post it here as a little flasher. It’s much shorter and lighter than the title might imply. And it… Continue Reading

  • Acolyte

    ♦ Dear Readers: this next story is the first part of a four-part series. Like Angel in a Centerfold and The Price Of Honesty, I try to focus on the psychological aspect of sex as well as the action during the course of the narrative. These posts will be less illustrated than before, since I’m… Continue Reading