1. oh.




    (still reading shibari…and loving it..)

    but this?




    really really really intense.

    so sexual

    so so so sossssooooo hawt.

    (about ready to go up in flames…..)

  2. Fuck, Will.

    You write like you can read a woman’s mind…

    That being said, I’ve been compelled to click on the ‘story’ every single time I’ve visited the home page today. The images just make it. How long did it take you to find all that fantastic photography/art?

  3. *THUNK*

    falls over, laughing….ogods…i’ve fallen and i. can’t. get. up…giggle giggle, snort, giggle…

    (resistance is futile. You. will be. ass—IM–ilated…)

    (i know i’m mixing my generations…)


    nilla, laying on the floor, laffing like a loon-atic

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