one sentence sex ✍ 5 Star

The gesturing waiter misses the upright dildo, that you’re not wearing underwear, and your lover’s mischievous smile as the tip begins to penetrate.

~ Will Crimson

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  1. ximenawrites

    Food & Sex = perfect team.

    The waiter notices the barely hidden flame in her eye as he pours and thinks, “1967 was a very good year”…

    Her hips move sinuously under crisp linen, and she says to her lover, “I don’t think bread and wine have ever tasted so good, no?”

  2. vanillamom

    hahahaha…delightfully naughty!!!

    i read this at work on my phone on saturday–the menu makes all the difference in comprehending this!

    who was admittedly rather distracted at work while attempting to read email on the wee phone…

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