• Movie Night

    The documentary droned on. She got up to get another glass of wine. Pinot Noir. When she sat down, she was a couple inches closer to him. She put her bare feet up on the coffee table. Her toenails were purple as her tongue. He didn’t move – he loved political intrigue. She sighed and… Continue Reading

  • Indian Summer

    The wind blew her hair off her shoulders and cooled the nape of her neck. It pressed into her chest suggestively, and her nipples hardened. The pavement clicked satisfyingly underneath her boots. Her hips moved as sinuously as they did when she was a teenager.   They moved like they did when sex was all… Continue Reading

  • What Not To Do

    She watched him watching her, and she began to gather the implements that would make him hers. At the beach, her eyes and fingers scoured the sand for the pink nacreous flash of shells. She plucked them up and looked them over carefully. Once at home, she bore a tiny hole in the shell and… Continue Reading

  • Tentacle Goes to Dinner

    Tentacle Goes to Dinner The Continuing Horrific Adventures of Tentacle by Redbud  Maybe you’re asking yourself: Is she just imagining it or is it real? I’ll never tell. “So, how do I look?” “Horrible.” “Really.” “You disgust me.” “Mi Amore!” “You’re unspeakably hideous.” “Come to me!” His voice crackles with warning. You move with a… Continue Reading

  • Vow

    It rises from my sheets like a taunt a ghost that haunts my cold bed. And so, they come They watch and wait, huddled the darkness beyond my door Pilgrims in front of a reliquary uttering the wrong prayers but still intent on a miracle. Reduced to eyes and limbs and poisonous sting and endlessly… Continue Reading

  • All in the Eyes

    ♠ For a wonderful teacher and mentor. – X   The line echoed in her mind, over and over. He was beside her watching sports, but she didn’t want to wait. Couldn’t. She sidled up and pressed her palm on his belly. “I want it in my mouth.” Her voice cracked. When he turned to… Continue Reading