one sentence sex ✍ all grown up

Even after he’s gone,

····and the swing has slowed to a gentle back and forth,

·········his orgasm drips from her parted legs.

~ Will Crimson

  • I’m suddenly buried in seasonal work. I’m also working on an erotic retelling of the Little Mermaid (a little request by EWoman), so we’ll see what I can get done during the next two to three weeks. Here’s a little erotic Bon-Bon just to let you know I’m still around.

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  1. vanillamom

    This just made me smile…sweetly erotic, beautifully illustrated, and perfectly whetting our appetites…for more…


  2. Thanks to you both. :-) I’m enjoying them too – they’re a little like erotic haikus, though they’re too long for that form.

    P.S. Glad you liked the illustration, Nilla. I didn’t want it to look like a child’s playground, but something a little more mature &, perhaps, archly Victorian.

  3. nancy

    Of course the roses MUST be overblown !
    Great idea, this one sentence sex.
    I’m looking forward to the reworked “Little Mermaid’ .. what great fun!

    • ximenawrites

      They were so outwardly prim and proper, but the first collection of erotica I deemed naughty enough to spend money on years ago was from the Victorian era…

      I still mourn the loss of that book.

  4. ximenawrites

    Even after he’s gone, and the swing has slowed to a gentle back and forth, his orgasm drips from her parted legs.

    So is that why the woman with a tousled hair and the crooked bustle is smiling so dreamily in the garden?

    That’s precisely what I felt when I read the sentence for the first time – a kind of dreamy nostalgia for those sudden squalls of passion that sometimes hit in a public place.

  5. vanillamom

    Yes, X, that’s it exactly! it was a full picture captured, like a snapshot. Her topknot was a bit loose…from the time of day? or her lovers fevered graspings? her lips were pinked like her cheeks, flushed from the commingled lust and satiation and humiliation of doing it outside, in public, with potential of discovery.

    i loved this, Will. Of all the one sentence pieces? This was the piece de resistance (yeah, spelling sux…sorry!)


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