• Spank!

    ♥  It really pays to comment – on the site or via email – because as writers, we get a much better idea for what our audience really wants to read from us. Also, it just feels damn good to know when you liked our stories. This one is dedicated to one of our most… Continue Reading

  • Rub-A-Dub

    ♥ Something vanilla to help those in the east coast of the USA batten down the hatches tonight – and for everyone else too. – X “Where’s the restroom?” She rolled her eyes. “Are you serious? I think we’ve known each other long enough for you to say ‘I gotta take a piss’”. We had… Continue Reading

  • An Inkling

    ♠ After my little exchange with Squeaky, I was inspired to deconstruct the myth surrounding the dominatrix and attempt to make her more human without taking away her power. As I wrote this, I realized it deserves to be separated into shorter, more digestible chapters…doing so will also help the reader better appreciate two people… Continue Reading

  • one sentence sex ✍ all grown up

    • Even after he’s gone, ····and the swing has slowed to a gentle back and forth, ·········his orgasm drips from her parted legs. ~ Will Crimson • I’m suddenly buried in seasonal work. I’m also working on an erotic retelling of the Little Mermaid (a little request by EWoman), so we’ll see what I can… Continue Reading

  • Focus

    ♠ This is a pretty straight-forward foray into device bondage for lovers of femdom – I think I’ll be writing more pieces on this vein from now on, to keep things interesting. The first drawing I used inspired the whole story… what a lovely image. Hissslap! He writhed and groaned. Pain radiated from his ass… Continue Reading

  • JanesGuide

    Not two, but all three of us, me William Crimson, Raziel Moore and Ximena are happy to be a recommended site. Vamp quoted one of my stories in the review. For those of you coming here from JanesGuide, the story was Thanksgiving. I wrote it for the holiday round about last year. Take a look… Continue Reading