At long last a tiny peep. This was in answer to 5 minute fiction (week 60), with the cue word ‘ouch’. Short, and hopefully a little sweet. A little cleaned up from the competition entry. –M

Dara knew coming home was going to hurt. So did Alex, but really, they were both far too gone to care.
It wasn’t just Dara’s back-to-back tours of duty. She’d gotten through both with only a single – and very cute, if you’re of the mindset – shrapnel scar on her left thigh. It wasn’t the irony of Alex’s car accident three weeks before Dara’s return. His foot was just fine in its polyurethane cast. It wasn’t even the ironic pain of their crushing embrace as he met her, crutches and all at the airport upon her return.

No, as Dara lay back,  bare, sparkling clean from a long, long hot shower in her own bathroom, and Alex grinned down at her wolfish, crazed, hungry; she knew it was going to hurt in all the ways she wanted it to. All they ways they both needed it to.

Later – much later – her clean body and the white sheets of the bed long smeared and stained, she whispered into Alex’s ear, ‘Ouch,’ and bit him. And they began again.

Latest Comments

  1. Leah Petersen says:

    Always love it when you participate. :)

  2. paul1510 says:

    this leaves a lot to the imagination, but that is great :D

  3. SapphireSkies25 says:

    This was great! Short, sweet and sexy. Nice to see a post from you in my inbox!

    ~ Jess

  4. Violet says:


  5. willcrimson says:

    Yes, sweet. When it gets this short, I keep wanting to turn it into a poem.

    When you write “It wasn’t the irony…” that’s the part I wasn’t too sure about. Was it Alex’s accident that was ironic?

  6. vanillamom says:

    sweet, tender…just a lovely little view …nicely done Monocle!


  7. Rob says:

    I love stories that leave a lot to the imagination and this really does that. I love the implied romance and playfulness.


    • Monocle says:

      Thanks, Rob. Sometimes leaving so much out can be problematic for a reader, but it’s also clearly what I like.

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