Daydreams & Distractions ☼ Photography

A Daydream & Distraction by Redbud

  • This story is for Mateo de la Rioja, whose photographic collection, Bestiary, can be found here. I based the story on a recent photo by him and, needless to say, it’s purely imaginary. There are also photos from others. If I knew the sources I would gladly give credit where credit is due. I may add more of my favorite photos but wanted to post the story for now. My tribute to the erotic photographer. August 10: Here is Monocle’s story, the one I could think of earlier – another nice story mixing photography and eroticism: Watcher’s Mail ~ Nightmare #94.

“Why am I here?”

“To be fucked.”

“Say it again.” She stretches on the bed, naked, as she watches him undress.

“You’re going to be fucked.”


“Cause you’re just made to be fucked.”


“You’re a cute girl.”

“That’s why I’m gonna’ be fucked?”

“You’re crying out for it.”

“I love it when you warn me.” She pressed a finger between her legs. “There’s nothing sexier than knowing what it’s like for a man, you know? What’s he thinking when he sees a naked girl in his bed? What’s he feeling? What’s he looking at… God, you’re hard.”

“You need to be fucked.”

“Tell me how much I need to be fucked. Talk to me. Is it my body? Is it my tits? Are you short of breath? ”

“Yeah, it’s your body.”

“And me?”

“And you.”

“And what else?”

“How flat your stomach is. How good my cock is going to feel inside it. What you’re going to look like when I’m fucking you. What kind of sounds you’re going to make. How I’m not going to be think about anything but you when I fuck you.”

“You just can’t stop yourself.”

“How I’m going to fucking take you…”

Take me?”

“How I’m going to open your legs and keep them open until I come in you.”

She opens her legs, knees bent. “Like this?”

“Like that.” He stands at the bottom of the bed and strokes his cock.

“See me like this just makes you lose control, doesn’t it.”

“And more…”

“Then tell me more,” she says.

“I’m thinking about you coming on my cock.”

“Does my orgasm turn you on.”

“Fuck yes.”

“Talk to me.”

“Because it’s me fucking you that’s making you come.”

“Makes you feel like a man?”

“On top of the world.”

“Are you thinking about how I’m gonna’ feel?”

“The minute I see you I’m thinking about  your wetness sucking my cock.”

“I’m everything you want?”


“That turns me on. I want to be everything you want.”

“You are.”

“Fuck me.”

“Turn around. I want to see you from behind,”

“On my hands and knees?”

“No… just turn on your side. Yeah… like that. Jesus…”

“What do you see?”

“The way your back arches. The way your hip comes up like that…”

“Makes you want to fuck me?”

“Just seeing your body… it’s beautiful.”

“My ass?”

“I’m looking at it.”

“What about it?”

“It’s a woman’s ass. It’s… not like a man’s. It flares. It wants a cock.” He smiles. “A woman’s ass speaks to a man – to all men. My hips are wide, says a woman’s hips, like a river, like a fleshy pear. A woman’s ass is like a delta. My pussy is here, says a woman’s ass, the river into my body’s dark continent.”

She wants to turn on her belly and lift her ass.

“No,” he says, “stay on your side.”

“What was that?” The young woman quickly spins around.

“A camera.”

“You took a picture?”


She pulls the cover over her hips. “No.”


“No pictures…”

“They’re for me.”


“I just…”

“You want to masturbate to them?”


“Give me the camera…”

“You said…” He looks at the picture he’s taken. “You said you wanted to know what it’s like for a man?”

She gives a half-cocked smile. “Yeah?”

“Then I’ll show you.”


“You want to see what I see?”

Her fingers twist in the bedsheets. “Give me the card when you’re done.”

“You won’t delete the pictures?”

“No promises.”

“You won’t delete them?.”

“I don’t have to give them back to you.”


“If they’re pictures of me, they’re mine.”

You want to masturbate to them?”


“To pictures of yourself?”

“Would that surprise you?”


“If you think I’m sexy, why shouldn’t I? Women are beautiful.”

“You’d masturbate to pictures of yourself?”

“Because you took them.”

“Are all women as narcissistic as you?”

“We can’t enjoy our beauty as much as men?”


“And you?” she smiles.

“And me what?”

“Any photographer who says he’s not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar.”

“And is every woman who says she is not an exhibitionist either stupid or a liar?”

“Yes, we are all liars.”

“Get on your hands and knees.”

“Like this?”

He snaps a photo. “Arch your back and show me your pussy.”

“Why? How? Talk to me?”

“Like you want to be fucked.”

“Like an animal?”

“In heat.”

“And I am showing you what I need with my pussy?”


“This is how you want to see me?”

“You’re submissive. You’re on your hands and knees. You wait. You’re a woman. You wait for the man. You offer him your pussy.”

“What if I don’t want to be submissive?”

“Put your head down.”

“Like this?” she sighs.

“Do you like being submissive?”


“How does it make you feel?”




“I want to fuck you.”

“Do you wish that all women would speak to you like this?”

“I imagine it.”

“How appropriate,” she says, glancing back at him, cheek pressed against the mattress, “that you’re cock stands straight up while you take pictures. All photographers should take pictures naked. Then the world and  photographer would be equal. No lies.”

“Stay like that.”

“Yes, take a picture of me as you fuck me.”

“Don’t turn. Look at the camera. I want your eyes.”

“My eyes?”

“Yes, their expression.”

“Don’t move.”

“Their expression?”

“Their pleasure.”

“After so long?”

“Yes. How long has it been. Two weeks? Three? I want to capture a woman’s eyes, her expression, when she takes a man’s cock again.”

“When she assumes her place after so long? Oh! Oh….”

The camera rapidly clicks.

“Yes. That’s it. Beautiful. Just in. Now breathe. Yes. Take it. That’s it. Take it slowly. Don’t move. Let me do it. Breathe. Let me see you. Yes, part your mouth… and your eyes, lovely… That’s it. Go ahead. I know it’s hard. Groan. Show me how good a man feels…”

“Take a picture of my pussy…”

“With my cock in it?”


“Your face is much more expressive. Turn over.”

“On my back?”

“Yes, and spread your legs.”

“I like it when you tell me what to do.”

“It’s in a woman’s nature.”

“No it’s not.”

“I meant…”

“I meant that I like it when you tell me what to do.”

“Then call it a woman’s sexual nature.”

“You like thinking of women that way?”

“Open your legs.”

“Should I lift my knees?”



“Yes. I like when you moan; when you can’t help it.”

“You go so deep this way…”


“Men like to go deep, don’t they.”


“Does it make you feel more like a man?”

“When I’m inside you, when I’m pushing until your toes curl, when you’re not thinking about anything but me and my cock – taking you, possessing you, filling you.”

“A man is his cock.”

“It’s in a man’s nature.”

“Yes,” she grins. “Biology is destiny.”

“A woman is her pussy whether she’s bent over or on her back, whether her legs are spread or closed, whether she kneels or is taken quickly, her hands against a wall. A woman will submit so that her pussy can be filled.”


“Yes, I like it when your eyes roll, when I push hard, when you can’t speak, when you stretch and open your thighs, when you arch your back and neck.”

“You are…” She groans. “… taking a picture of my belly?”

“A self-portrait.”

“A self-portrait?”

“Yes. It’s mine. Give me the photo even if you delete the rest.”

“Why should I let you have it?”

“Because it’s a picture of me – my cock.”

“How so?”

“Whenever I look at the photo, at your belly, at the way the muscles stretch, I will know that my cock was inside it.”

“And who else will know?”

“No one. A hundred people will see it in a gallery. No one will know but you and I. They will only wonder why it is called self-portrait. They will only see the perfection of a woman’s waist, skin, and belly and won’t know that they also see my cock.”

“A woman’s belly, made perfect by holding her lover’s cock?”

“Yes. Arch. Do my thrusts make you ache?”

“Your words make me ache.”

“You will give me the photo?”


“I want more.”

“Are all men so pornographic?”

“Do all women want men to gaze?”

“You answer my question with questions.”

“Only photographers.”

“All photography is pornography?”

“The world is the flesh of God, his flowers…”

Her flowers…”

“Trees, boys, girls, men, women, suffering, joy, despair, hope…”

“God is an exhibitionist?”

“Look at me, says the universe, like a child, look at me, make love to me, explore me, know me, understand me.”

“You should have been a philosopher, not a photographer.”

“All photographers are philosophers.”

“Or a poet.”

“Poets make women immortal.”

“So do photographers,” she says. “Just for today, some pictures, a day where I won’t be blotted out or erased.”

“You want to be immortal?”

“Just remembered.”

“Get on your knees.”

She slides off the bed, back bending with the mattress’s edge. “Like this?”

“Keep your knees together.”

“I’m sorry..”

“Good. Yes. That’s better. As if you didn’t know why, look up at me. Look into the camera.”

“I can smell myself.”

“Yes. Look at it. Lick it. Taste yourself. Yes, take it in your mouth, like that. Don’t use your hands. Put your hands behind your back and don’t stop looking up at me. Suck it while you gaze at me. Keep sucking it and don’t stop. Perfect, the way your hair hides your eyes, so feminine. The way your tits jut forward, left and right, when your hands are behind your back. Perfect. Now let my cock slide out until just the tip is between your lips. Fuck, you’re going to make me come. I could come. Do you want me to spurt? – like this? – just between your lips? – woman?”

“No.” She lets him slip out and licks the underside. “Tell me what you feel when I suck you.”

“Then suck me.”

“Like this?”

“Yes… a woman’s pussy is soft and rough. A man feels her opening like a soft grip at the base of his cock; and when he moves in and out of her the lips of her opening tug and pull at the skin. Inside a woman, the tip of a man’s cock is lost in the dark of her belly. A man doesn’t feel the narrowness of her pussy. He feels her wetness, softness and roughness kneading the bulb of his cock. He feels her legs holding her, drawing him.”

“And a woman’s mouth?” she asks, momentarily kissing the end of him.

“Lacks the smooth, silky oil of a woman’s arousal. Her mouth is water to the oil of her womb; her tongue is rough and the seat of language. She shapes words with a man’s cock, urges him and cajoles him until a man pours the strange letters of his orgasm into her mouth. Her lips, when they move over the spade of a man’s tip, are like a whisper. Her teeth warn him and abrade him. But more than what a man feels is what he sees. To see a woman, wild, proud and beautiful, take a man’s cock in her mouth and on her knees…”

“I want to come on your cock.”

“You will.”

“I want to be on top.”



“When you have the camera you can be on top.”

“When I do?”

“A woman is meant to be fucked from behind when she comes.”

“Is that how a woman should be?”

“It’s proper.”

“She should bend over?”

“She should show him her pussy.”

“She shouldn’t face him?”

“Stand up. Go to the mirror and bend over.”

“Like this?”

“Open your legs and don’t turn around to look at me.”

“Is it time?”

“It’s time.”

“It’s time for come in my pussy?”

“In your womb. Stand on your toes when you feel my cock part you. That’s it. You like it from behind. This is what a woman is made for.”

“Make me come.”

“Don’t move.”

“I promise. I won’t move. Make me do what you want. Make me take it from behind. Photograph me when I come. Show me how a woman should be fucked.”

“That’s it.”

“Like this? Like this?”

“Groan, bitch. Squeal. It’s what you were made for. Good girl. Can you feel your juices running down your thighs? I can feel you twitching now, hard. That’s it. Come on, girl. That’s it. You’re making your ankles wet. Look up. Look in the mirror. Good girl. Show me how a good, bent over girl takes a man’s come from behind. Smile…”

William Crimson July 16 2011

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    • Thanks so much Sapphire! I’ve had, I think, over two hundred readers so far, but very few comments; so, thank you. I put some effort into keeping the conversation honest. After a hundred stories, I’ve decided that the more realistic a story is, the more erotic. (Having said that, my next story is going to be a little unrealistic [rolls eyes]). :-)

  1. SapphireSkies

    You’re welcome! I have to say I may not always comment but I enjoyed this too much not to comment. I couldn’t agree more about the more realistic the more erotic. I like that they kind of play off each other and push each other a little, pushing their own “limits” to what they are used to and such. Very good.

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