Guest Post: His First, by Shannon

While I wander the desert of ‘unable to rub two sentences together’ and ‘no time to write if I were’, I’ve been posting some older stories to the ERWA list. I posted Can’t Tell this week, which, last year, was my contribution to the ‘first time from behind’ theme. Well, one thing I got out of posting the story to the writer’s group besides nice feedback and a couple useful corrections was being a small spur to another writer, who took up the theme in her own unique way. Shannon Barber gives her own spin on the theme with “His First” –M

His First
(c)2011 by Shannon Barber, posted with permission.

As usual he’s on top.

Last time he told me he was too afraid to take it from behind but that
he wanted me to be his first.

Tonight as he grinds and bounces on top of me I hold his wrists so he
can’t touch himself.

I have a plan. Tonight is the night.

I want him fuck crazy, cock crazy and ready.

I know him well enough to know that if he doesn’t come after having my
cock in his ass for twenty minutes, he’ll get where I need him to go.

It’s been more than twenty minutes and he is so close, he’s almost
there. He’s speaking in tongues and his face is lit from within.

“Oh, oh shit yeah that’s fucking hot.”

He is watching his cock bounce and leak against my belly. When he
grinds his hip in the slow tight circle he likes, the head of his cock
leaves a gleaming little trail on my skin and he smiles his lunatic
smile, mumbling what feel like prayers.

I let go of his wrists so he can lean over, his hips still rocking as
he tries to bite my swaying nipples. I take his face in my hands and
hold him still as I lick his lips.

“Tonight is the night baby. Are you ready?”

His eyes widen. Fear and that fuck crazy look battle across his face
making his eyelids and mouth quiver.

“From behind?”


I know he wants me to say more but I don’t. I hold his face there so
he can’t look away. I feel his belly flutter against mine and he nods.
I pull him down so I can kiss him tenderly.

We rearrange ourselves. We have practiced this moment. He knows where
to kneel on the bed; I get my little step stool from the corner of the
room. I look at him, one hand jammed under my harness, my pussy is so
wet- I’ve wanted him this way for so long, he looks so perfect.

I lube my cock and then his ass; I lean over and kiss first one hard
muscled buttock then the other. I stand poised with the head of my
cock just touching him; I want to remember this instant forever.

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  1. The coolest thing is the gender confusion — only resolved at the very end. Is it a man and woman or is it two men? Is it another man pretending to be a woman? I wasn’t sure until the narrator referred to her pussy. Perfect.

    The only description I couldn’t sort out was the “swaying nipples”. If she’s on her back, how are her nipples “swaying”? Sorry to be such an editorial dweeb… [rolls eyes].

    • ximenawrites

      Maybe she has bigger breasts. As he rides her eagerly, they jiggle, so her nipples sway to the rhythm…

      In any case, I LOVED the piece. The mystery that the author wove around the gender of one of the participants just drove home the truth that male or female – cock, cunts, or *whatever* – we’re all just looking for a meaningful, satisfying connection with someone else.

      Well, most of us are.

    • ximenawrites

      Brava, Shannon.

      I like the cut of your jib (and by that, I mean your fantastically kinky imagination). I have a couple stories in the queue that might be up your alley, I hope you’ll continue to visit…

      P.S. – Hooray for busty babes :D

  2. vanillamom

    wow…that was…stunning and hot and though it is not my thing? it made me hot…i love the short, almost terse prose of it, with just enough description to see it through my own eyes…

    thanks for sharing it Monocle, and thanks for writing it Shannon!


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