• July At ERWA

    It’s been a writing-poor spring and early summer for me. Mostly because of other parts of life eating my lunch, and dinner. I do hope there will be more time soon. There are certainly ideas. In the meantime I was fortunate enough to have a few pieces selected for the July Gallery of  The Erotica… Continue Reading

  • Neck

    Bug spray, three different types of disinfectant, degreaser… Her nose burned from all the chemicals so she wiggled out from underneath the sink until her shoulders rested on the wood framing of the cupboard. She saw everything but the glass cleaner she needed. She sighed, then sneezed. Her boyfriend walked up behind her. “Hey, have… Continue Reading

  • Eyes On Her

    ♠ I’ve had this story in my hard drive for a while now, and after reading Nilla’s most recent piece, I decided to dust it off and give it another go. It’s long, but it’s all action and (hopefully) dark dirty fun. He led me into the bedroom, and I instantly knew why He had… Continue Reading

  • Haunting – Podcast at Nobilis Erotica

    I’m hugely honored and pleased to share; my story ‘Haunting’, part of the Tentacle Dreams anthology at Republica Press, is this week’s Nobilis Erotica podcast, with the excellent reading talents of Jhada “Rogue” Addams. Have a listen! PODCAST PAGE (Nobilis Erotica Episode 231) DIRECT DOWNLINK

  • Button

    I woke up moaning. I tried to sit up, but his arm was draped over my ribcage. The muscles underneath the skin of his tattooed forearm moved sinuously as he pinched and tugged on one of my nipples. His other hand was between my legs, but I felt his fingers sliding in and out of… Continue Reading

  • The Zero-G Orgasm

    Because this is just too cute to pass up. Because it dovetails perfectly with my last post – (there are other perks to Zero-G). And because it has to be one of the cutest, most erotic and endearing videos ever. I’m sure some of you will be keenly interested in what ride this was.

  • Green Goddess

    ♥ I got this idea from a friend of mine, and it was a welcome change from the more serious, intense vein I’ve been writing in lately. Enjoy in good health ; )  – X “I’m home!” Milagros threw her handbag on the side table by the door. Her keys tinkled alongside his in an… Continue Reading