• #hitch

    This week’s Wank Wednesday theme is “hitch”. And this is what came out of it. –M — “You know what gets me off?” she says, and I wonder if this is a trick question. Her fingers slide languidly over the hairs on my chest, matting them down in the sweat she’d caused to form. I… Continue Reading

  • Secret Garden

    “Isn’t it beautiful?” He looked at the metal sculpture and nodded absently. He was far more interested in the way she was put together. He looked down at her face, covered with a sheen of sweat from the midsummer heat, and his cock twitched. Her full, unpainted mouth was curled into a smile of guileless… Continue Reading

  • Passion Play

    I was on my third shot of vodka when she walked in the door. She was tiny, much shorter than me, but her shoulders were strong and squared against the hostile gazes of the people in the room. She grabbed a glass of amber liquid that looked like scotch from a passing waiter and walked… Continue Reading

  • Make Her Happy

    He moaned softly into her mouth as she stroked his cock over his jeans.  He started to pull at her blouse, but she gently pulled his hand away. “I don’t think so.” She was surprised at her own words. I want him, but I’m sick of pretending that I don’t want him my way. Frustration… Continue Reading

  • Gallery Six (part 2)

    {Part 1} Corinne felt herself blushing fiercely. “Not what you were expecting, Miss?” “I should say not! I…” she trailed off, should she just leave? “Mostly, I get two kinds of people in my gallery,” he said raising an open hand in a disarming gesture. His voice had the tone of a familiar patter, “One… Continue Reading

  • Gallery Six (part 1)

    I’ve been sitting on this for over a year. I got up to a certain part (the end of part 2), and haven’t been able to move it forward. However, I still like what I have, and figured there’s no reason not to have it out where you good folks can see it also. Maybe… Continue Reading

  • Covet

      ♥ For some, nothing beats the taste of something new -X He seemed out of place surrounded by all of the middle-aged men that clung to me like spider webs. I couldn’t help but wonder about him. Was he here out of sheer curiosity, or did he know exactly what he wanted? I couldn’t… Continue Reading