It’s been a while. Time to push it a little. A little on-the-fly #twitterotica.  –M

“When I saw you sit down to breakfast this morning, I wanted to be a chair,” I say.

Stupid joke.

Parting the hair fallen over your eyes with my finger. You look up at me, at that difficult angle as another inch of my cock slides past your lips.

Your suck, the constriction of your throat around the head of my cock, make me growl. I suspect you have it in your mind to get me off with your mouth, to derail whatever plans I’ve been thinking up during the day.

Fisted hand in your hair pulls you up, and I slip from your lips. Eyebrow raised, quiver on your lip betraying delicious uncertainty.

Raising, pirouetting you around, guide you back to straddle my lap, and release your hair to take hold of your hips.


Though slick from having just been down your throat, you still pull away, up just a bit when my cock slides between your ass cheeks.

Tightened grip, and a warning word, keep you from going too far. And after the sweetest hesitation, you’re settling over me.

How good. How good  it feels to stretch you open around me. Those sounds you make; wiggling and shuddering as you half-fight it. Just make me harder.

When the head pops into you, we both groan at it, and I slide one hand from coercive grip around to your cunt. I know how wet I’m going to find you, and I play, dig into you, curl up and over across your clit before sliding down again. All the while, guiding your ass down onto my cock.

Agonizing slow impale, sinking you on me. Every nerved tweaked, every feeling my fingers elicit,  reflected in how your ass squeezes me; in the subtle changes of breath; the tensions of your legs and back. Until your weight settles on my lap and you melt back onto me, fucked full, legs relaxing open.

I bring both hands between them, now slipping inside, now sliding up to cup, pinch your breasts. Your head falls back against my shoulder as I pulse, invasive.

I take you higher. Whisper to you “Come for me,” tell you that once you have, once all that potential I’m stroking into you has been released, I’m going to fold you over and fuck you hard enough to rattle your teeth.

Hard enough to shake you from lethargy into moaning meat.

Even as my fingers bring you to the edge you can feel how tense my own muscles are, how ready I am to take you after you come.

How I’m just biding for your pleasure so that I can take mine.

Soon now.



  1. loved this…read it via my phone while i was with Master at Starb*cks…and it certainly helped prime *my* pump…


    Another home run, Monocle!!


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