Breaking the Cum Hegemony

A twitter discussion on (what else), bodily fluids resulted at one point in Remittance Girl raising the issue that there was no good single term for female bodily secretions on the level of ‘cum’ for males’. It is true that the origin of the term cum is fairly gender neutral – the fluids produced by orgasm – cum is still considered, on the whole a male thing. The slick, tasty, juices that a woman produces before and during sex and orgasm have no word of their own – nothing visceral – and it’s a travesty. Sure sure, there’s ‘pussy juice’ ‘slickness’, even ‘slime’ (which, yes, can be sexy if you write it right), but even vagjizz doesn’t come close to the hardcore appeal that cum has.

So, what to do? Invent a proper word, I say. Something that evokes the same hard, fucking, sexual aspect of come. Something associated with orgasm, but not exactly – like cum evolved from ‘coming’ – and mutated into ‘cumming’.

My humble proposal: ‘Clim

Roll that off your tongue for a moment and see how it feels. A little slippery? A little sweet? Maybe something to get used to the first time or two? Sound familiar? Why clim?

Well, the phonetic associations are many. It’s derived from ‘climax’ in much the same way ‘cum’ is from ‘come’. It rhymes with quim. It is alliterative with cunt and clit, and climb. It is similar but lighter off the tongue than cum when spoken – or tasted. It can be used in the more crass and ribald, associated with clam, as well.

Neologistically, it is evocative specifically  of a woman’s pattern of arousal – she gets wet before climax as well as when she comes. Clim is produced on the climb to climax…

Literarily? Try it on for size.

Clim glistens
on an aroused cunt
in candle light

Clim makes you
lick your lips
for a little taste.

My cum and your clim
intermingled on my cock
as I withdraw, spent

I could see it catching on. Hell, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

So – I challenge you – all of you. Don’t we need equal terms and sexual imagery for both sexes, don’t you wish you had something to describe that drop of arousal trickling down your lover’s thigh? Write me a poem, a flasher, a short story, an ode to clim – or just use it.  The only way for a new word to make it is to be used. Perhaps the best path is to get it into the Urban Dictionary before shooting for the OED. Or maybe we can get Charlie Sheen to rant using it – that’d likely be the biggest shortcut.

But come on – show me your clim. Let me taste it. I dare you.

Being the visual guy I am, I also challenge you to find me an image that encapsulates and evokes clim properly – I know there are better than the one I’ve selected. –M

Thanks to  @DrSnit @CityDifferent @bigedmagusson @AlcyoneAlchemy @MasterRobyn for the conversation that resulted in this.


  1. I like clim but I’m not sure.
    Should clim be equal to cum in that it is the act and the essence?
    Do I clim when I come or do I clim when I clim?
    If it is what would be the past tense, climmed, clam, clom?

    1. Those are all excellent questions. I say experiment! What do you feel, when you’re all climmy? Are you climming? have you climmed? What works best in your head- and cunt-space? What feels best on the page? Which evokes the substance, the act?

    1. A think Clem probably doesn’t mind his wife’s clim. Probably darn tootin’ likes it. As far as deliverance, if there had been more clim around, I think everyone would have been happier.

      As well, doesn’t ‘cum’ also evoke associations with academic honors and valedictorian speeches, or Latin class? It’s impossible to create a new word without both positive and ‘negative’ associations. So, I put it to you – is there a better word for you? Or do you think it’s not an issue at all?

  2. Fair questions and criticism.

    “Cum” (that spelling) doesn’t make me think of Latin class*; honestly, it makes me think of ’70s porn movies or Penthouse forum.

    I usually think of, and use, “come” as a verb; as such, I think it’s gender neutral and for me, works equally well for both male and female orgasm. The attraction for me is that it’s short, open and hard – a good Anglo-Saxon action word like “fuck”. It’s also gender neutral when used as a noun that means the act itself (“Fuck, that was a good come!”).

    I agree with you that when it’s used as a noun to describe ejaculate, it’s always (or nearly so) used to describe men’s, and that there isn’t an satisfactory equivalent word for women. I don’t think “clim” will catch on, though. It sounds too weak and narrow, too closed to describe the eruptive power of an orgasm and what it produces. Besides – though I don’t know this for a fact – words that make the jump successfully from one context to another usually do so organically; artificial constructs deliberately introduced don’t seem to make it.

    I’ll think about your challenge, and see if I can happen upon something that would work well.

    * In the Latin I learned lo, these many years ago, “cum” was pronounced not like “come” but like “coom”.

    1. Lovely, and you certainly do make a cogent case. I’m certainly not married to clim… Er. You know what I mean. I just do think we need more such erotic descriptive terms. If there are 50 words for snow in Inuit, there should be at least 50 words for fluids in erotica.

  3. Trying out your new word. :)

    Curiosity, tempting your analytical mind. I am your experiment in taste. Weeks of dining solely on sliced mangos, I raise an eyebrow as you part my legs. Cold fingers swiftly draw a sample of my clim. Am I sweet or pure acid on your tongue? Closer observation, proves necessary.

  4. Although I’ve called it ‘cum’ ,’honey’, amrita, and ‘something-like-clean-seawater’, when I’m referring to myself I call it ‘going liquid’. As in, “damn, he’s got me going liquid all over him”.

    It’s not slimy anymore when she’s finally giving it to you…it’s like a woman has bathed you in her secret sweat; something salty and musky, yet endlessly craveable. Liquid arousal, liquid heat. A whiff of it will set a straight man (or a gay woman) to panting with lust.

    It’s so powerful it just is. Clim.

  5. Clim© 2011 Monocle

    Your bid for fame? And fortune? The next step is to patent the word – à la Steve Jobs. You could create a Clim App Store. We could all be Climologists™ – not to be confused with climatologists. (Just imagine the Climology™ pyramid schemes.)

    I like the word. Verb form is indeed an issue. Is it regular or irregular?

    1. Oh, not at all! I want it out there in the wild. A word like that needs to be used naturally – be it clim or some other. It’s for the descriptive use. Language must be free! And clim would, Ideally, flow freely as well.
      I think I would consider myself a climophile, however. Climologist is too technical sounding.
      As for verb form. I think it could be flexible. There are so many aspects to clim, I don’t see why it should be linguistically limited either.

  6. *clapping*


    clim clim clim…
    don’t matter if you’re fat or you’re slim
    if you’re rubbed right down there,
    pantiless or with underwear
    our ‘gina’s will ooze from within…

    He touches my breast with his hand
    i feel the stirring between my thighs…
    there are strings that bind my pussy and nipples
    with electric current
    and causes clim to slick my lower lips
    and gild them with the sheen of desire.

  7. Someone had the same idea as you back in 2005~

    Just, for now, it’d need to be used around on cyberspace more (or created as a meme or something), and it may just very well stick.
    ‘Juices’ usually is a term used for females a lot, for me, hearing that word in a normal context makes my mouth water and I think of ‘juicy fruit juices, sweet and succulant’. And then you can add tons of adjectives to describe ‘what kind of juices flow from her’, possibilities are endless.

    So when used in a sexual context, I dare hazard to say it has the same effect for guys? :)

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