• Pink Bunny

    She opened the door and saw her friend standing there in a pair of torn jeans and a worn t-shirt.  He rubbed nervously at his tousled hair and smiled through a four-day beard. “Please, don’t take so much time to get ready for me, I might get self-conscious,” she said sarcastically as he walked by… Continue Reading

  • The Afterglow

    His breathing had become deep and regular. She marveled at the thickness of his lashes and the almost feminine shape of his lips. She traced around one of his nipples. His chest rose toward her touch, and she kissed the corner of his mouth. She felt a faraway ache that made her sigh. It had… Continue Reading

  • Daydreams & Distractions ☼ Beds

    Beds A Daydream & Distraction by Redbud This the third time I’ve changed the title. I decided I liked the play on the marriage bed and the garden bed — both being procreative beds. I also rewrote it a third time. After the intensity of the last few stories, I wanted to write something a little… Continue Reading

  • #spare

    100 words for Wank Wendesday. –M Here faithfully when hunger will not spare you even in sleep, manifest essence of pure desire. I descend to the nimbus, kirlian aura, just above your skin, raising the small hairs, making gooseflesh, though it is warm here. Like static I hiss into your ear, and, slowly, you shift, sigh,… Continue Reading

  • The Reader

    …her bared teeth glinted in the harsh white light as he tugged on her collar and fucked her ass… He stopped and read back the words, then deleted them. Too obvious. Hmm… …she was an apostrophe beneath him as he slid his cock on her bruised pussy flesh. He hadn’t even touched her yet but… Continue Reading

  • New Life

    Just a quick note. One among my favorite readers and bloggers has gone into labor. You can follow her minute by minute updates here. I wish her all the best. You go girl. At the end of the day, when we’ve exhausted each other with our sex, eroticism and all around between-the-sheets playfulness, this is… Continue Reading

  • Intercourse

    The back & fourth of four erotic writers. The best erotica is all lies. When we write, we’re both ourselves and role playing. The following conversation is no different. They are the perspectives of four erotic writers who are both ourselves and the roles we play as men and women. Feel free to join in,… Continue Reading