• Fraction

    It may have been inevitable, film student fucking engineer. The preambles – a blearily shared table at the coffee house, three dates of increasing depth and complexity, were suitably theatrical, the dynamics elegant. I, all angles, levers and fulcrums, modeled mental French curve templates over her skin as she revealed all of it to me… Continue Reading

  • Art & Erotica • Bang Bang

    Bang Bang my Pascal Möhlmann Probably the most famous and notorious painting by the contemporary artist Pascal Möhlmann.  The relationship between youth, sex and violence is made explicit. But is the sex inspiring violence or is the violence inspiring sex? Do the young women encourage the young men, or do the men fight for the… Continue Reading

  • Blood Tint ~ Part 23

    {Start with Part 1} Blood Tint ~ Part 23 “We’d been in port for a fortnight,” Daci continued, “and a demon had killed my quartermaster– and not just ‘a’ demon, but the dockworkers all called it the Demon. Investigating the city night led me to believe a vampire might be responsible. I took it as… Continue Reading

  • Blood Tint ~ Part 22

    {Start with Part 1} Blood Tint ~ Part 22 “Neave, I may have to leave. I don’t know if the hostel is going to be enough. I’m dangerous.” I was dressed, and just stepped from the lift into Neave’s studio. It was only a week and the place felt old and comfortable. And like someplace… Continue Reading

  • Daydreams & Distractions ☼ Clean

    Clean A Daydream and Distraction by Redbud You smell beautiful. You smell like lavender. Or is it Sandalwood? You’re steaming. You’re clean. After jogging, after two days of work and after a night of sex, you’re clean and beautiful. All day long you’re going to smell good. I’m out of the house. You’ve made the… Continue Reading

  • #spring

    This is my contribution to Ruby Kiddell‘s #wankwednesday, a twitterotica project that invites short, hot flashes of fiction shared 140 characters at a time. Find it on Twitter, or at Ruby’s blog, and next week, why not join in? This week’s cue makes the title of this piece.-M “What are you doing?” Tammy asked, breath… Continue Reading

  • Innocence

    The beautiful anachronism that draws me to you embittered by ennui as I am. You’re always charging at walls, I don’t think I envied the blind until I met you. You dress up tired trivia as gospel truth preach to me threadbare sermons I memorized long before you. I listen, rapt, and memorize the exact… Continue Reading