• Ball Drop

    A little light story for the new year. I have, in fact, thought of the Times Square Ball Drop pretty much this way since adolescence. –M Lian and I spooned on my ratty, Nth generation couch, watching on my TV the throng in Times Square, just a few miles away from my apartment. “That is… Continue Reading

  • Sorry About The Mess

    Sorry About The Mess ♦ A Photo Quickie by Ximena Her head was beginning to swim, but she tried to hold still as he rubbed his hands over her sore ass. He’d been particularly vicious that day, ordering her on his lap without waiting to see whether she was in the mood. The look on… Continue Reading

  • #icicle

    The snow on our roof was melting to form icicles a foot long and longer hanging from our gutters. The missing stalactites over our door told me you’d gotten home first, so I wasn’t surprised by your warm embrace when I walked in. But the ice cold hand that raised my skirt and slid between… Continue Reading

  • Photo Quickie – #craquelure

    100 words inspired by this image from Mateo –M The pattern of fine cracks crazes my skin.  He says I look more beautiful with each passing day, and I see it in his eyes. Or I want to, so badly. My fissures open ever deeper, edges curling upward like drying papyrus, or the pages of… Continue Reading

  • #Rush

    100 words of twitterotica inspired by the summer of love. –M Her skin against mine was contact phychedelia, but that was only the gateway. Funny how, even though I was the one doing the piercing, every time we fucked felt like I was injecting myself with her. The rush of heat bloomed in my blood,… Continue Reading

  • Slave To The Rhythm

    Slave to the Rhythm ♦ A Photo Quickie by Ximena “I have one question for you,” he said softly as he watched her from a corner of the room. He found it hard to resist pulling aside the wet crotch panel of her leotard and sucking on her smooth cunt lips, but he liked seeing her… Continue Reading

  • While You Were Sleeping

    The moonlight makes his skin look like it’s lit from within I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so lovely I can smell his sweat on my skin and I can still feel the condensation from his breath on my neck Yes he’s made my thighs sticky I’m craving sweet things warm honey on soft white… Continue Reading