Blood Tint ~ Part 19

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Blood Tint ~ Part 19

Falling. Gnawing. Raging. Taloned birds rended me inside, spilling me into the twilight. The never-ending hunger howled in me, and I took to my city. I sniffed, looked, and felt the air growling. No, this was not my city. Chuluun stole my beloved Ayutthaya from me and gave me this hideous benighted place. And now it was stranger still. Brick, wood, stone buildings turned cold and jagged; a giant, hideous reflection that I raced through, needing.

I was strong still, but it wouldn’t last, it never lasted, not with that gaping hole I could never fill sucking away long past when it should be sated. I knew I’d fed well and recently, but I couldn’t recall where or who – a blessing really. I’d probably been their end, but I couldn’t care. I just needed more, now… There.

My hunting instincts took in the multitude of scents and heartbeats, filtering out dozens of pulses congregated in groups, concentrated in pairs and triplets, moving here and there, some with purpose, some wandering with seeming randomness. Here and there, as I traversed the familiar strangeness of the warped city; single traces, solitary beats. Lone wells of the water I needed. Then, between the over-tall buildings, threading her way from one sanctuary of light to another, a scent that made my fangs ache and my cock swell.

It didn’t matter who she was. All that mattered was that I could get her and take what I needed, though it was never enough. The denizens of Ayutthaya knew the risks of being alone at night. They knew me; the monster that haunted the night. I took stranger and resident, beggar and noble, as I had almost as long as I could remember. My old life in the sun a dim, fading memory, this was all I knew, brief sparks of angry bliss punctuating hunts and hides, and, always, a thirst blood couldn’t slake.

I tracked her from roof to trellis to walkway, moving as only I could in the dark. I didn’t wait long – I knew well how fleeting opportunity could be. The shadowed crevice between two buildings was our destination. It would be quick. I would stifle her screams, take my fill, spill my dead seed in her. She might even live, if she didn’t fight too hard.

She stepped across the alleyway mouth, and I crouched for my leap down. From behind and to the side, a body hurtled into me knocking me off balance to stagger across the rooftop.

As I regained my balance my attacker shouted.


I half recognized the word, and the female voice nagged with familiarity, but my prey was no doubt well beyond the alley now. She’d stolen my opportunity. I snarled and leapt, aiming to rip her throat out. She was fast – faster than me – dodging my attack easily. She was considerably smaller, but tripped me up twice, then three times as I came after her. On my third lunge, she grabbed my wrist, twisted, and brought me crashing down onto my chest, locking my arm half behind me and bracing her knee on my spine. I thrashed, rage-blinded, hearing the word repeated again.

“Alak! Alak…” I _did_ know the voice.

“Alak. Come back. Come back to me. It is Daciana. Come back, Alak.”

She repeated the words, quickly clearly, and I realized she was switching languages; English, Romanian, Thai.

Ice water poured down my spine as my nightmare shattered around me. I froze under her, gasping for breath, fists full of gravel.

“…Daci…” I choked out, “Oh, no.” I was already shivering as she released her hold and moved her hands to my head, drawing me to look at her.

“Oh, no…” My rage shredded, replaced by despair.

“Shhh, my darling. It’s all right.”

“Did I…?”

“No. No, Alak. Everything is fine.”

“You’re sure? I don’t remember!”

“I’m sure,” she said. “I followed you moments after you left. You weren’t very subtle in your departure.”

I didn’t remember leaving our rooms at all. I shook almost uncontrollably now. The phantom hunger of my past life was gone, but in its wake the fear of the beast I once was tore at me.

“It’s… It’ been over a hundred years.” I was near sobbing.

“I know. I know.” Daci sat and guided my head to her lap, stroking my temples as the night sounds of New York filtered up to us. Many minutes passed.

“Thank you for finding me, again.”

“Always, my Alak.”

I hadn’t been ‘my Alak’ in a long time. I hadn’t needed to be. But now, I grabbed at it like a lifeline.

As my adrenaline slowly cooled, I cursed quietly, many times. Daci didn’t stop me.

“I have to move to the hostel. Tonight. And… I don’t know if I can stay in New York.”

Daci nodded in the darkness. She wasn’t necessarily agreeing with me, but she let me say and feel what I needed to.

“And I have to talk to Neave.”

“Yes. Do you want me there?”

“Yes, Daci. Please.”

{Continued in Part 20}

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  1. Meme

    The adventure has been too difficult.
    He is always plotting against her being…and never towards her spirit.
    He lurks without cause, he would have easily been accepted as a the beast with a reason to exist. Poor Alak now has more ground to travel, and less space is held.
    I do hope he finds his girl, I fear she has left the city.


  2. I disagree Meme… nothing is too difficult for him, it may feel so at the time, but, it isn’t in reality, Alak has survived more than he can even remember or know or communicate. He never plots, against anyone, it’s not in his nature, even when he’s at his most ‘lost’. He does have cause, it is to merely be who & what he is, and that is enough. Infinite space is held for him, by Neave, no matter how far he has to travel, all the players just don’t know it yet (please say I’m right Raziel ;-). She’s not left the city, she will never leave without him, by choice, Neave is entirely too intoxicated with him to go anywhere voluntarily without him.
    ~ Lilith ~

    • Monocle

      Well, Alak was sure he wasn’t lost. This particular episode has thrown him. And Neave – is she the cause? Is she a curse? Or possibly his salvation? Or maybe even both or something altogether different? We’ll see…

    • Monocle

      Thank you very much, Dani. I’m very gratified that ‘my’ vampires have some appeal. Finishing the story is definitely in my plan. More is coming, hopefully soon.

  3. Meme


    She isn’t his curse, she is his salvation…or he wouldn’t be so calculating in his mission.

    Therefore, the beast he believes himself to be is in reality only a nature untamed.
    He needs her particular brand of love, I just hope he understands that soon.

    Because even the ‘infamous Alak,’ heart must be more open to Neave to enter his secret place, and quiet his heart.

    She loves him, but can she wait forever?

    Help them Raz-


    • Anonymous

      ”she isn’t his curse, she is his salvation” – I think so too.

      ”He needs her particular brand of love, I just hope he understands that soon.” – I guess we can all understand, or think we understand, anything, yet, it may make no difference to how we choose to experience life.

      ”She loves him, but can she wait forever?” – I think Neave can, and will, have a part of her on hold forever for him, how could she not? How could anyone not in the face of such devotion, such passion, such loyalty and such love?

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