• Blood Tint ~ Part 16

    {Start with Part 1} Blood Tint ~ Part 16 I smiled. “No, mornings make me feel almost…” I trailed off ‘Almost human’ or ‘almost normal’ are too much clichés. I shrugged. “I don’t have the proper words for it, even after all this time.” Neave gave me a searching look. I think she understood –… Continue Reading

  • hearteater – published

    Now at Republica Press: The hearteater e-book hearteater by the hearteaters edited by Monocle and Emma Holt ISBN: 978-1-926830-28-5 Published: 10/27/2010 Pages: 271 (pdf) Words: 31,990 Formats: Adobe PDF, MobiPocket, and ePUB Price: $4.99 Buy at Republica Press Buy at Amazon for Kindle Buy at All Romance Ebooks Buy at Book Strand   The moral of the story is: “Don’t… Continue Reading

  • Wind It Back

    This was my entry in this week’s 5 Minute Fiction contest. It was a true experiment, and perhaps not done justice by the time limit. The theme word was reverse. Try reading it backwards and forwards. –M     Wind it back in reverse. What the hell was that? We look at each other in… Continue Reading

  • #Poise

    One Hundred Words (ok, 93) of flash, inspired by reading. –M Walking down the hall, past the bedroom door, I stop dead in my tracks and double-take. She is on the bed, reading. But she’s naked, crouched on her knees, turning the page on the pillow-propped book, her adorable butt upraised. Before I can even… Continue Reading

  • Daydreams & Distractions ☼ The Book

    My first 25 stories have gathered themselves into an e-book! 25 brief erotic sketches and fables. Some play on erotic conceits as old as the farmyard. Some are humorous, some quickies, and some are fantastical. Imagine witches, werewolves and an elf-king; the truth behind Leda & the Swan; and what happens when Santa gift wraps… Continue Reading