# Summoned

RedBud tries 1 hundred words.

  • Keeping in the spirit of things – a slightly different spin. Anyone else?

“Not in the mood,” I say.

I’m still in bed. You’re wearing your favorite patchwork dress – nothing underneath. It’s what I don’t see: breasts, hips, your dark V.

You don’t care.

You’re a witch. You touch yourself. Your bunched skirt hides what you do.

You arch. Your eyes grow heavy staring into mine. My cock rises, summoned.

You move like a cat. You straddle me. My summoned cock has nowhere to hide. You exhale as you take it inside you – claim it. “Not in the mood,” I moan. How you smile! With a flick of your hip, you witch, you summon my cum.


    1. How can we hide what you do to us?

      You take advantage of us – no sooner do we fruit, but you pluck us. Do you really think that was an Apple Tree in the garden of Eden?

    1. I try to empower women in nearly all of my stories.

      Even when their bodies are bound, I like to convey the idea that they are there by choice and are actors in the drama.

      Except for the most erotically archetypal stories, which are more symbolic than personality driven, I don’t find unempowered women erotic – which is why I don’t write about rape.

      Archetypal Stories: They would be Breeding Livestock and A Day at the Races. The first story plays on an erotically charged conceit that’s as old as barnyards. The second is almost purely symbolic.


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