One hundred words of flash Twitterfiction, inspired by a mental picture very much like this:

“Look at that cute little ass, peeking out from the sheets.”

“Oh, yes. She looks so… fuckable.”

“She is. Perfectly fuckable. I can smell her from here.”

“Wish I had your nose, I’d have to get mine much closer.”

“Well? Why don’t you?”

“Mmmm, nice. Sex.”

“Now, just lift those hips and open her up. By the time she’s all awake, you’ll be fucking that wet little hole.”

“Really? You’re sure?”

“I insist!”

“What about you?”

“Once you’re in her, pull her hair back and lift her head between my legs.  She’ll know what to do. She’s a good girl.”


  1. I can’t help it.
    sometimes i have a totally wacky brain.

    this would be one of those times.

    i’m hysterical. just hysterical.

    i thought it was squirrels looking in the window until those last two fateful lines.

    i’m sorry Monocle. trul*gurgling snort*llly….so soorrr*guffaws* rrry….


    (talk about a nut-job, eh?!!)
    (that’s even funnier done in a Groucho Marx voice!)

    1. That’ hilarious. I would have but “These are not squirrels” in the first sentence, but I would have broken the word limit.

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