Sight at the Opera

This was my entry into week 17 of Leah Patersen‘s “5 Minute Fiction” Challenge. I made it into the voting round again, which was a kick, and didn’t mind coming in last. All the entries were great! The prompt word for the competition was “musical”. As last time, my entry is only slightly erotic; more flirty, or insinuous (yes, I think that should be a word).

Addendum – I did some edits in June  ’11 after posting it to the ERWA story list and gettine excellent feedback. It’s now not strictly 5 minute fiction (though you can still see the original form at the challenge page above).






“Do you come to the opera often?” she asked me. Her lips were a beautiful burgundy red.

“Whenever I can,” I replied

“Have you heard the new Tenor? I’ve read he’s absolutely fabulous.”

“I can’t say I have, no, but I’m looking forward to seeing him.”

“And tell me, do you know-” She turned her head to her program and I couldn’t see what she was saying.

“I’m sorry? I didn’t catch that. You turned away.”

She looked up and quirked a smile at me, “You deaf or something?”

“Well, yes, actually, I am, but I can read lips quite well.”

I think I shocked her a little.

“And you like opera?”

“And musicals, yes.”

“But why? You can’t hear them!”

“I… watch them. I watch them singing. You can see the passion of their words – the good ones. And I’ve read the Tenor is very good…” I smiled.

She shook her head in disbelief, and then narrowed her eyes.

“So, you can see passion?

“Yes; in the eyes, the mouth, the way they hold their bodies…”

She looked at me, then enunciated with exacting movements:

“…Buy me a drink after the show?”

“Maybe. Ah, the curtain is rising… Shhh.”


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