• Landscape

    Landscape Continuing the First Time From Behind series with erotica by our visiting writer: DeliriumTree As with the others, if you like the story, please let her know. We all love to hear from our readers. And visit her blog at The Cotton Balls are ALWAYS on the Left. Leaves crunch underfoot in a satisfactory rhythm.… Continue Reading

  • # Button

    Button 1 Hundred Words by Redbud I saw Raziel’s title and wrote this before reading his post. What does this button open? He pushes the top button through. My blouse, Sir – says you, scooting backwards. He follows, his mask looming. This button? – he asks. And this? Your blouse parts. He presses your nipples.… Continue Reading

  • Turn Around

    Another story about the first time taken from behind. These are just the first paragraphs. To read the rest, you will have to visit Threadbare Evelyn’s blog Threadbare Fiction. Enjoy. And if you’ve told your story at your own blog, let us know. She writes: Written in response to RedBud’s First Time Taken From Behind… Continue Reading

  • Concentration

    This was my entry into this week’s “5 Minute Fiction” Challenge, run (for 19 weeks so far), by Leah Patersen. I didn’t make the downselect, but it was fun, and a wee bit sexy. Pantsless lapsitting usually is. –M “What?! What are you doing? I’m trying to work here!” I was on a deadline. “What… Continue Reading

  • #Button

    One hundred words of flash, inspired by Venus’ South Polar Vortex. Don’t believe me? Look –M: Circles and spirals traced by my fingers from your shoulder to your breasst Round and round rising until the peak of each nipple higher at the end of the journey than the start Your smile and squrim only encourages… Continue Reading

  • #Residue

    One hundred words of flash, inspired by scent. –M Hot water eroding the morning fuzz from my mind. Lathering my hair, thinking of your fingers there, pulling my face between your open legs. Soaping my chest, remembering you sitting on it, hips bucking your flooding cunt into my greedy mouth. Scrubbing lower, following the path… Continue Reading