ACME Polling Company

ACME Polling Company
An Erotic Fantasy by RedBud

“So it’s been a while…” says a man’s voice.

You struggle with him but…

You’re a woman. Don’t you know better?

There’s a reason men are stronger than you. It’s time you learned why.

Your hands are easily forced behind your back and tied sharply at the wrists. You try to turn but your feet are kicked apart by the man behind you. “That’s better,” he says “You look so much better.” Then he blindfolds you. You try to pull your legs together but a searing thwack on your ass makes you inhale sharply and arch against the wall. Your eyes flutter. Then you exhale – high pitched, shuddering. Just the kind of little cry we like.

Did I mention there’s an O-Ring in your mouth?

“Now hold still,” says the man behind you.

You do. You’re shaking, but is it fear? Or is there something else fluttering in your belly? You’ll be damned if you admit it. You hear papers being lifted like sheets on a notepad.

“Arch your back,” says the voice.

You don’t. Then you scream when another red hot thwack produces the desired results. You arch. Hard. You shove your nipples against the cold wall, you open your damned legs, and you show the men behind you your pussy.

“A girl does that so well and there’s a reason,” says the man behind you. “So you can be fucked from behind.” So… did I mention that they caught you wearing a T-Shirt and your favorite cotton panties? How girlish. That’s OK. We like that. And we love your raspy little breath.

“That’s better,” says the voice behind you. “That’s the right position, girl. You’ll remember your place soon enough. By the way, you have an audience. We’ll let you imagine who we brought. Your ex-boyfriends? Maybe a mentor or teacher who ‘believed’ in you? Maybe a brother or sister? And there are so many others who suspect the truth about you. They’re all here. You don’t like some of them. But that’s too bad for you. They’re going to watch and everything you do is going to confirm what they knew about you. ”

More papers.

“Who are we? Is that what you’re asking? I’ll tell you. We’re from the ACME Polling Company. We notice that you participated in an on-line poll. Yes, here it is. Let’s see… So far, 15.4 % of respondents like their girls with hands behind their backs. And look at that! 15.4% of respondents think girls need a little non-consensual reminder. Do you remember why you’re so much more flexible than men? When is the last time you really spread your legs? Wide. A girl needs a little reminder every now and then.”

You struggle to speak but spittle runs down your chin.

Then you scream when two clamps are applied to your nipples through the T-Shirt.

“What? Rape? No. We don’t do that. We note that you were one of the readers who voted for the bondage and the non-consensual/reluctant package. Are you feeling reluctant?”

You nod furiously.

“And guess what… You also voted for Forced Orgasm.”

You protest loudly.

“Yes, I bet you’re reluctant about that,” he says.

Then there’s something at your mouth. It’s one of those dildos shaped like a man’s cock, and the man behind you is putting it through the O-ring. In it goes. There’s nothing you can do about it. The black cock fills your mouth. It just presses at your throat before it’s fastened in place. You groan and swallow. “See,” says the man. “You know exactly what to do. You’re a natural cocksucker. It just belongs there.” Then he squeezes the cock and you taste cum. You swallow. “That’s it,” he says. “It comes so naturally to women.” Some of it runs down your chin. You try to stand and again comes the searing thwack on your ass. You squeal but he’s already squeezing the cock in your mouth and you’re swallowing again.

You arch your back and spread your legs with another whimper.

Your clamped nipples press against the wall, igniting sharp spasms in the base of your belly.

“That’s it,” says the man. “A nice submissive posture. It’s in your nature.”

You feel him pulling down your cotton panties, but just a little. You start groaning in anticipation, but it’s not what you expected. Your eyes flutter when something smooth and slick presses against your ass. Yours eyes flutter and roll when the plug seats itself inside you.

And then you feel something as smooth, but much larger pressing against your pussy. You move to the balls of your feet. It’s too big! You start to draw your legs together but five searing thwacks leave you limp against the wall, back arched, legs wide. The head of the thing opens you gradually and you moan deeply, eyes half-focused. Then you feel it sliding upward and in, slowly, gradually, stretching and filling you. He pulls your panties back up and they do the rest of the job. You’re panting. It continues to fill you until the bulbous tip of it feels nestled behind your belly button. Is it making your tight, flat abdomen bulge? You feel the man’s hand at the base of your abdomen, pressing, feeling for it inside you. The lips of your pussy feel stretched around the base of it. Then something is pressing against your clit. It’s a fucking dolphin!

Your cotton panties are holding it all in place.

“OK,” says the man behind you. “This should all feel natural to you. Does it?”

You pant.

“It’s what women are made for,” says the man. “But maybe you think you’re different. Maybe you want to prove to everyone watching that they were wrong about you?”

You don’t answer.

“I’ll make you a deal. The front door is open. If you can make it from your bedroom, through the hallway, across the living room and to the front door, we’ll let you go. We’ll take everything off. We’ll free you. Everyone watching will admit they were wrong about you. Do you understand?”

You nod furiously.

“Good.” He just barely moves aside your blindfold. Just enough. “Then let’s get started.” But as he says that, he twists the base of the dildo buried in your belly. It bursts to life. You scream. It’s vibrating hard.

At once you turn to run.

But a searing thwack sends you sprawling across the bed. You rise to your knees, head buried in the scented duvet. Another thwack on the ass and your pussy clamps down on the massive thing penetrating and filling it. You scream and arch. You want to close your legs but it doesn’t matter. The stiff, and hugely round presence keeps your legs apart. You’re impaled. You feel like a speared animal. You roll of the bed and your panties are drawn up tighter. The muscles of your belly spasm as the wide bulb of the massive dildo presses deeply inside. You squirm. You want to be still, to find a position that will let the dildo slide a little out of you. But you can’t. You’re clamped nipples burn and another thwack makes you arch backwards. Another spasm.

You bend but the stiff length of the thing inside you doesn’t. It’s pressing at secret places. It makes you want to open your legs as wide as you can,

And you want to scream. But the cock in your mouth muzzles you.

Another thwack. You rise to your knees but you have to keep your legs apart. It’s too big.

Then you’re scrambling forward on your knees. Another thwack on your ass. You half stumble but you’re through the bedroom door. Your stomach somersaults. You can make it. You can get out! You’re to the end of the hallway when another thwack sends you falling forward, cheek on the floor, ass in the hair. Your knees ache. Your ass burns. Another, than another thwack rains down on your ass. Your eyes are rolling. Your breath hisses through your nose. A sharp spasm, deeper than any you’ve felt before, makes you moan. This can’t be happening.

But it is.

You want to give up. Is it pain? Is it pleasure?

You decide.

You roll into your back to avoid the blows on your ass.

Your body is taking over. Instinctively… (your belly deeply penetrated, your opening stretched around the girth of the thing)… Instinctively, you pull up your knees, midair, as if a man were between your legs, fucking you. Your belly is twisting, your back is arching (it has to… your wrists are tied at the small of your back); your only contact with the floor is your ass and shoulder blades. Your tormentor taps on the base of the Dildo (where it rounds and stretches your cotton panties).

The whip’s taps travel up the shaft. You can feel the taps at your core and you can feel the surrender beginning. You can feel your muscles, all of them, in your hips, your belly, your pussy, beginning to tighten with exhaustion – with surrender. And all you can do is to writhe as it happens. The end of the dildo stretches your panties into an O – right there; right there between your wide-open legs. Just a little sticks out. The rest is inside you. He won’t stop tapping.

But maybe it’s not too late.

You roll over onto your knees. You lift your upper body off the floor, hands still behind your back. Your breasts hang down with the weighted nipple clamps. They tug and snag at the fabric of your T-shirt. Your breath comes in long, deep growls. You move slowly forward on your knees, legs still wide. You can see the open door.

The man behind you isn’t whipping you anymore.

He doesn’t have to.

He’s just tapping on the end of the dildo. The end of it stretches your panties upward as you shuffle forward. The end of it moves left to right as the rest of it, inside you, follows the swing of your belly. Your trembling moans continue to rise. There’s nothing you can do. Your cheek falls back to the floor. Your exhausted muscles are tightening, tightening… He keeps tapping and tapping. You arch. You spread your knees. Your eyes half close as you gaze sightlessly out the door.

You can’t help it.

He’s won. Your body is only responding to the man behind you… because that’s the way you’re made.

That’s what’s supposed to happen…


A last sharp spasm, then all of your belly clamps down hard on the object impaling it. You stiffen. You’re pussy is still clamping and there’s nothing you can do about it. And then your upper body is rising off the floor again and again as your exhausted muscles surrender in grasping spasms. Everyone is watching you. They see you on your knees, your legs wide, your belly gripping, releasing and gripping. They see you for the helplessly orgasming woman that you are. But what did you expect?

You’re exhausted.

The man pulls the dildo out of your mouth. Cum runs down your chin.

He pulls down your panties and finally the monster slides slowly out of you. You think it will never stop sliding out but it does. It falls heavily to the floor between your feet. The man takes the O ring off your mouth.

“Stay like that,” he says.

You do.

“You have a visitor,” says the man behind you. “He was one of the many watching you when you came on our knees. And you’ve just confirmed everything he thought about you.”

You hear footsteps approaching you from behind.

He unbinds your hands so you can be on your hands and knees.

“Look straight ahead,” says the man.

You do.

Then someone is kneeling behind you. You feel a hand on your hip, then a hot familiar warmth against your opening. You cry out as your mounted. Two hands on your hips now. You brace yourself, because that’s what you’re for. You open your thighs as you’re fucked from behind. This is different. This is a man. He’s fucking you hard and fast. Your panties are spread tight – mid-thigh.

“Maybe you recognize his cock?” says the first man from the side.

A real, living cock is different. Somehow it’s unexpected. You can’t help yourself.

You’re opening for him. You’re spreading until it hurts. You’re bending, offering, letting him. You’re everything he thought you were. You’re panting. You’re going to come again because this is what you were made for. (Did  I mention that already?) Your body was made for this cock moving in and out of you. Your long hair falls over your face. It’s streaming back and forth on the floor. You’re screaming as the cock moves furiously in and out.

“By the way,” says the first man, “I hope you’re on the pill. The poll shows there’s interest in insemination (and you’re about to be inseminated) but some of us like to impregnate our women. I hope you’re on the pill, or maybe not. Only you know the answer to that.”

And then he’s pulsing inside you.

You’re being inseminated from behind. Your exhausted belly glides smoothly into another orgasm – almost like a welcome.

The man pulls out of you and you hear him walking away.

Do you know who he was?

Who did it? Did you recognize the feel of his cock? Can you? Can you tell a man by the way he holds your hips? Only you know the answer. I don’t know what’s it like to be a woman.

Maybe it was a stranger?

Maybe it was a man picked off the street? Someone you will never know. But his cum is inside you and might stay there for another nine months – if that’s what turns you on.

But you’re taken.

You can hardly move. A man’s cum drips out of your filled belly – just like it should.

You smell of your own cum, a man’s cum, sweat and saliva. You smell like someone who’s been fucked – a woman’s smell.

You feel a loose collar being fastened round your neck, then a tug. You’re owned.

“Why did you run for the door?” asks the man, leading you back to the bedroom. You follow him on hands and knees. Semen streams down your thighs as your hips and ass sway left to right. Your belly and sex are hot, used and overflowing. Your muscles still spasm intermittently. “Arch your back,” he says. “Good. That’s it. That’s what a man likes to see. RESPECT. Men like to see a woman respect them.”

He leads you into your bedroom.

You struggle to keep up. Your panties are around your knees.

He’s bigger than you. He’s stronger than you. You have a pussy. He’s got the cock.

You will bend over again.

“Why do you fight it?” he asks. But it’s only rhetorical. You’ve been owned. “After all,” he says to you, “it’s not real. It’s only erotica.

  • Now if you want to read an ever better story, go read Monocle’s In the Dark. ~ RedBud

Latest Comments

  1. yourkendoll says:

    I am thinking I need to reenact this scene with my sex toy girl.
    She’ll love it. Not that I care :)

  2. Transylvanian Miss says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
    *mouth falls wide open*


    • willcrimson says:

      So… who was the man behind you? The one who took you. Not that you have to tell anyone. :-) That can be your secret.

    • Transylvanian Miss says:

      Heehee the man behind me I’m afraid would be no secret to anyone on Twitter :P I pass on his regards on this, the “ideas” he had are now plans after reading this apparently… I owe you much gratitude ;)

      Hello C. Dreamer *waves back* :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    FUNNY FUNNY Hilarious

  4. unlovable says:

    Awesome. Love the whole poll from the day before. It was great, delicious tie in

  5. Penny says:

    So. Fucking. Hot.

  6. covertdreamer says:

    Hello Will,

    I see Sweet T. Miss has arrived before me, but, she’s ahead of me on the clock also. ‘Waves to Belinda.’

    Wow! Initially I thought that piece was tailor-made, then I noticed she got more than I asked for. Yes, mixed pronouns, deliberate.

    I do think I ‘need’ to read it again, now that there is some privacy.

    Phew! Tongue lolls. Thank you, Sir. (again, deliberate)

    Yours as long as you’ll have me,
    C. Dreamer

    • willcrimson says:

      Hello sweet Dreamer. I’m visiting your site as I write this.

      Your moist “haiku” are hot – damned fine.

      So, do you know who took you in the end? Women have so many secrets…

    • covertdreamer says:

      Ah, I pass the ‘sweet’ to you also, Willie…snicker.

      Thanks for the compliment. I’ve only been in print less than two weeks. Alas, no time today, some snippets of thought though.

      The lovely and greatly-talented remittancegirl gave me the prodding needed to “stop being a ninny and blog”. That looks like name dropping but I hope, if she reads this, she’ll consider it gratefulness.

      Secrets, a few; sadly, fewer who have taken me. Forsooth, sobs, sniffs and such like.

  7. nilla says:

    OMG I read this last night and i was alternatively laughing, and moaning. So brilliant!

    I LOVED how you tied the poll to this, i just absolutely was caught, drawn in.

    is it wrong to admit that i read this on my phone and was …um…masturbating to this?

    yeah, it was *that* good.
    yeah, i’m *that* kind of woman..

  8. Ge says:

    Best. Polling Company. Ever.

  9. Vineyard Road says:

    mmmmm ….. Bravo, Bravo..!

    That was delicious, Will. Thank you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Some very fine writing … hot as hell. She’s clinging to her dignity and individuality like a starfish on a rock, while the pounding tides rip her loose, and gulp her into the surging liquid freedom. I am Woman, fill me, pound me.

  11. Anonymous says:

    you managed to combine all the elements very…um…effectively..
    it was actually interesting to me how much this turned me on as usually I’m not a fan of this style of narrative, I think you did it excellently here.

  12. Squeaky says:

    Fifth read and counting, Will. Utterly delicious! ;)

  13. Squeaky says:

    …btw, i should probably have mentioned how rare it is for me to return to stories (even those by the wonderful Remittance Girl) ;)

    • willcrimson says:

      I’m glad my stories treat you right. :-)

      Lambchop said she was going to re-enact the story. I wonder how it turned out? Don’t you?

    • LambChop says:

      KenDoll said LambChop was going to reenact the story. I’ve only been with him one day since that comment, but we’ve got a nice week coming up together…
      I can only hope! Rest assured, full report if it occurs…

      SUCH A HOT STORY…reading again!!

    • LambChop says:

      p.s. I DID vote for:
      (in no particular order)
      rough sex
      she’s tied up
      and spanking

      ahem. I’ll be packing my cotton panties and t-shirt for this week’s visit.

  14. LambChop says:

    Just re-visiting. Still hot.

  15. Sex Fairy says:

    Okay. Again, I have to say it:
    Best. Story. Ev.ER.

    This line sums up everything for me:

    He’s bigger than you. He’s stronger than you. You have a pussy. He’s got the cock.
    You will bend over again.

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