• The Porn Reader Demands Quality

    The Porn Reader Demands Quality A cautionary anecdote by RedBud The porn reader spooned his wife. He pushed his hard-on against her ass. “Not now,” she sighed, “I have to sleep.” The porn reader knew better than to insist. She was tired. Maybe tomorrow morning? He sighed. He turned away from her and quietly stroked… Continue Reading

  • Blood Tint ~ Part 14

    {Start with Part 1} Blood Tint ~ Part 14 It was a few blocks to the hotel, more than enough time for me and Daci together to find out that at least certain aspects of the evening had excited Neave. By the time we pulled onto the Avenue of the America’s Neave sat slumped on… Continue Reading

  • Hurt Me Good

    Hurt me Good An Erotic Story by RedBud “I believe that erotica, as a genre, should deal with the theme of erotic desire and, ideally, how desire informs, changes and manipulates the lives of the characters who are desirous.” – Remittance Girl So here’s a story in honor of Remittance Girl, inspired by What You… Continue Reading

  • ACME Polling Company

    ACME Polling Company An Erotic Fantasy by RedBud For those new to this post, see the poll What do you like in your Erotica? for this story’s inspiration. “So it’s been a while…” says a man’s voice. You struggle with him but… You’re a woman. Don’t you know better? There’s a reason men are stronger… Continue Reading

  • Hungry

    This is may be a bit of a photo quickie. Maybe just a flash. I’ve had it kicking around for a while, part finished, because I realized I have a somewhat recurring theme in sleeping, and being awakened from sleep. A comment on an earlier short piece mentioned that we are all vulnerable and innocent… Continue Reading

  • Poll: What kind of Erotica do you like?

    Want to know whose reading what? Anonymity is bliss. Pick four of your favorite themes and see what others like. Is there a category missing? Let us know (if you dare). Edit: Changed Reluctance to Non-Consensual/Reluctance. Hi Folks! Be sure and vote (if you haven’t yet). Monocle and I are closing the poll this evening… Continue Reading

  • Tototikli • 1

    Tototikli · 1 A little erotic novelette by Redbud While much of the description is pure fiction, some of it is inspired by what I’ve read about sexual behavior among aboriginal and indigenous cultures. Bottom line: Enjoy the story is an escapist and exuberant erotic fantasy.  It’s also a work in progress. I may return and make alterations and… Continue Reading