My Own Device (Part 4)

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“It’s true. With all that slippery stuff, I should slide right in to you. I _feel_ you all tense and closed under my hands, against my cock. But you’re already shaking with the effort of keeping me out.”

Everything about it said I was doing something wrong, something bad. I didn’t care. Hell, the exultation, even gloating in my voice was pretty clear. Anna, I’m sure, heard it too.

“D-damn you Lazslo.” I could hear her teeth clenched as she spoke.

“I know, love. I know,” I said soothingly, disingenuously. “You have me so damn wound up. I want to fuck you so bad, so _hard_. I’m aching for it, Anna. But I won’t – I can’t start until you’ve let me in. All the way in.”

By now I was almost not recognizing my own voice from the tension in it, and I knew it was affecting her as well. This game of word and want is what we played, though I’d raised the stakes unilaterally this time. “Anna, it is no small act of will, on my part – true self restraint – not to grab your hips and just force myself into you.”

I let my hands slide up to caress and settle gently into the familiar, delicious swell of her hips. Her moan choked into a gasp and held breath. It would be so easy. But no. I dragged my fingers back to her ass and spread it again. Had the head of my cock made just a little progress? Her passage giving and opening just a little for me?

“We have all the time in the world, Anna. Whenever you’re ready, just let me in. Just a little bit. If you relax your ass, just a little bit, I’ll start to sink in, and it will all take care of itself.”

“It’s g-going to hurt.”

“It might, Anna. Less if you let go.”


“God is right. You look so fucking heavenly from here. Your whole backside is a temple, my Anna.

“F-fucking cliché”

I chuckled. I couldn’t help it. And Anna’s ass trembled and relaxed the smallest bit.


“Ohhh, yes, Anna. I’m in the perfect place. Fight it as much as you want.”

She did, oh how she did. Every millimeter was a struggle of renewed frantic efforts; clenching her ass, pulling at her bonds. I felt everything; so sensitized, so attentive was I to that junction. My breathing changed, deepening as I felt and watched my flared head pushing her inexorably open. Every new nerve touched in my penetration, it seemed resulted in a new, tremulous whimper from her.

“You know it’s inevitable, Anna. We both do.”

She shook her head, but the groan that came from her wasn’t of denial. Another followed it, lower pitched as the widest part of my cockhead made its way past her failing resistance.

“Oh Anna, this is so wrong. So hot. I mean how can you let this rigid thing into your ass? Look at it; your muscles distending around my shaft. It’s just awful. But there it is, I’m almost there. Flaring open around me.” My voice was rough enough almost to be a growl.

“Lazslo-“ It was almost a whine, followed by a little grunt as my cock head passed into her and her ring muscle closed around it.

“Mm, that’s it Anna. That’s it.”

“It… it hurts Laz.”



“Try. Relax and it’ll go easier.”  We were both educated. We knew the truth and limitations of that statement, and what her relaxing would mean.

I felt her. Her muscles fluttered, squeezing trying to prevent entry, pushing to expel me, and, when she could assert the control, relaxing to let me slip deeper. It was an exquisite battle to feel around my cock, to see in the shaking and sweat of her body, to hear in the ragged breath and tortured sounds coming from her throat. I slid my hands up to rest on Anna’s rump as gravity brought me into her.

As I bored in, the contractions of her muscles mattered less and less, though they still affected how quickly I impaled her. Anna’s sounds changed, too, coming deeper from her chest as my cock found it’s way deeper into her ass. When my legs first touched hers, they were trembling even though they weren’t supporting her weight.

“Oh, Anna, can you feel me? My cock loves this so much.”

“Yess… You’re taught as a …spring.”

“I’m trying not to fuck you like an animal. Just yet. Not until I’m all the way in.”

“And then…”

“And then I’m going to let it all go, Anna. Everything. I promise.” This time it was my teeth that were gritted.

“Oh, yes, Lazslo.” Fuck. There it was. That tone in her voice. Beyond hunger or fear.

Then, for a last few moments there was silence except for both of our labored breathing. I slid my hands up Anna’s back, sweat-slick now as my hips first touched and then pressing into the flesh of her ass. My eyes were half closed, and I imagined hers were, too. When I felt my weight settle against her, my cock buried in the squeezing heat of her ass, I groaned louder than the creak of the wood, and she hummed, laying her head on the smooth wood between her outstretched, slack arms.

My hands reached her shoulders and gave her a masseuse’s squeeze before dragging gently back down, over her sides to settle on her hips once more. This time as my fingers found their grip there, it was with purpose and finality. Anna knew that grip well. I closed my eyes for a moment, just feeling everything. Potential. Inevitability. The forever and ephemeral nature of this moment – of us two here, now.

“Anna,” I whispered.

“Yes, Lazslo,” her response equally quiet.

“I’m going to fuck you now. Fuck your ass. Until…” My words trailed off because my heart was hammering too fast to figure out what to say. I heard a sound. It might have been her, it might have been me.

I heard another sound. It might have been “Fuck me, Lazslo.”  It might have.


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  1. Squeaky

    i almost groaned aloud reading this. it’s beautiful, sensual, and the intensity if it almost overwhelming. *sigh* delicious!

  2. I was content to know my fantasies. Well. They are always with me. Some fulfilled, some not. I hate having to make room among the collection for a new one but you leave me no choice. Sigh. Any chance this thing could ever really exist?

  3. nilla

    i sank as deeply into this story as Lazlo did into anna’s ass…goddess that was such a lush, rich, full-bodied story. Thanks Monocle. Thank you.


  4. Monocle

    Thank you all. I really enjoy getting lost in the sensuality of stories like this. It can often make the plot, such as it is, suffer, though.

  5. Fredwalls

    I like the way that the obsession comes across. The details of the long preparation of the device and the build towards the end really heighten the eroticism.

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