My Own Device (Part 3)

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I loved the way she squirmed each time I forced my tongue into her, but my saliva wasn’t going to be enough, if it came down to it. I pulled away and opened another little panel set flush in the smooth faced wood between her legs. Hidden within was a container of lubricant – mundane, if practical. All Anna could know of what I was doing was what the vibrations and clicking of the opening and closing of the panel told her, until I spread her cheeks again and spread a cool, generous dollop of the stuff right where it needed to be.

“Lazslo… what- what do you have planned?”

I could hear she was trying to collect herself, instinctively trying to reassert control over herself and the situation. We were both given to that, and both of us, sometimes, needed to be broken of it.

“I’m not sure yet, Anna.” I lied, and she knew it.

I wiggled my index finger past her clenching sphincter, pushing the lube up her clutching back passage as a moan pushed from her lips.

“We’re going to play a game. The game of “Which Hole?”

“Wh-?“ Before she could respond, I released the lever, and let the groaning, clacking device roll her back down. Whatever the question was on her lips died as she lowered back into place, and turned into a sharp inhalation as her descending cunt met my upturned cockhead.

“Which hole, Anna?” I asked, taking hold of the main lever and rocking her back just a little farther, the head of my cock slipping up from her split labia, to kiss up against her anus.

“Which hole should I fuck? Which should I come in?” I pushed the lever, sliding my cock back to nudge her cunt open just the tiniest bit.

“You’re not…”

“No, not today my pet. This game is high stakes.”

“Oh, Lazslo…” Reproach colored her voice; castigating me for the breach this was. We always used protection – except for those times Anna had been on the pill for herself or other lovers, it was a hard and fast rule. Well, except for that one time we swore we’d never repeat, it was a given we’d both lived with since our first time together, and I’d just broken it. And it wasn’t just that. I’d tongued her rear end before, fingered her – even slid two up her backside while I went down on her, all to wonderful effect. But in all our time together, I’d only fucked her ass once, when we we’re both stoned nearly mad, and that had been less than satisfying for both of us. We’d always had other limits to push, other boundaries of pleasure to explore, that this one always slid by.

Anna’s muscles flexed – legs, arms. She tested the strength of her bonds, and I listened to the leather and wood creak as she strained. I rocked her gently back and forth, my cock nudging her ass, then her cunt, and back. Her sounds chanced as I pressed against each entrance.

“This – ah! This isn’t fair, Laszlo.”  I heard her upset, anger even. But underneath it… Underneath it was that tremble, and each time my cock slid between her cunt lips, it sluiced into a new flood of her juices. I knew if I looked there’d be a veritable rivulet of her dripping down the wood between her legs.

“No. It’s not.” I said. Butterflies turned in my own stomach – something I hadn’t felt in a long time. We both knew I was, right now, changing something that had been a comfortably edgy, stably twisted given for each of us for over twenty years. I’d thought about this for a long time.

“Tell me, Anna, which one are you more fearful of?”

“I’m not afraid of you, Laszlo,” she whispered.

“Liar.” God, I wanted it to be a lie. And I wanted it to be the truth at the same time. The turbulence of that conflict and the others within me – within her – it was the Now I sought; a place and time where everything outside the sphere of the physical senses abd base reactions was just static. “Pick.”

Maybe she _was_ afraid. Or just mad, or defiant. Whatever, she didn’t answer as I rocked her back and forth, the wood creaking deeply, ominously; but her body gave away what I wanted to know. It was the way she tensed whenever my cock slid up and settled in to press against that lubed hole, and the little whimper she couldn’t suppress.

“I think it’s… yes, ” I locked the lever in place with the sharp snap of a wooden ratchet  I could feel even through Anna’s body. She groaned and shook her head as my cock stopped sliding and instead nuzzled cozy against the little pucker of her ass. Till that moment, I hadn’t decided which way _I_ had wanted more – to fuck Anna bareback, and play the serious game of roulette, or to take her ass – really take her – for the first time. However, when I heard that first, soft, high pitched keen as I tested her, it all collapsed into a single driving want. I positively hummed.

“Anna. Have you any idea what a _gratifying_ sound that is to hear from you? How I love hearing it?” I think she knew, because she shuddered and pulled hard again at the leather. I brought my hands back to each of her cheeks, digging in just a little and pulling them apart. _Fuck_, the sight of that ‘forbidden’ connection – the menacing potential of it –the feel of being poised right there – it made me boil. I leaned gently forward.

“I’m not going to fuck you – yet.  I’m going to let gravity do the work, first,” I kept speaking, because we both like words. “God, Anna, I got the angle just perfect. The only thing keeping me out right now is the resistance of your muscles.”

Anna groaned, her whole body clenched.

{Concluded in Part 4}

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