• Misericorde

    This was my entry for Round 3 of Alison Tayler‘s Smut Marathon. This time I came in third place, but I was more than happy, given the competition. The theme was ‘Stilettos’, which don’t really push any of my own fetish buttons, but I still like the way this one came out. –  –M They… Continue Reading

  • Dichotomy

    I carry you up to bed after the long day undress you, rub your shoulders let you curl up there on your side slide over you, into you fuck you gently to sleep. Keep my hands light, caressing but I’ll be whispering harsh other things. Each slow slide into you I tell you about how… Continue Reading

  • Come Together, Right Now

    My Story Start Without Me has been selected for inclusion in Coming Together: By Hand upcoming from eroticanthology.com! Masturbation is the safest form of sex, and we want to celebrate it in this collection! Coming Together: By Hand is a multi-author anthology of auto-erotic (masturbation themed) fiction and poetry edited by Alessia Brio. ALL proceeds… Continue Reading

  • Through A Silvered Lens – Now At Republica Press

    Now at Republica Press! Through a Silvered Lens by Monocle ISBN: 978-1-926830-18-6 Published: 7/12/2010 Pages: 80 (pdf) Words: 26,109 Formats: Adobe PDF, MobiPocket, and ePUB Price: $3.49 Take a look through my silvered lens. Look at lust, love, discovery, a hint of daring, and desire with a sheen of wistfulness. This collection contains twelve erotic stories and flash-fictions by Monocle;… Continue Reading

  • My Own Device (Part 4)

    {Start with Part 1} “It’s true. With all that slippery stuff, I should slide right in to you. I _feel_ you all tense and closed under my hands, against my cock. But you’re already shaking with the effort of keeping me out.” Everything about it said I was doing something wrong, something bad. I didn’t… Continue Reading

  • My Own Device (Part 3)

    {Start with Part 1} I loved the way she squirmed each time I forced my tongue into her, but my saliva wasn’t going to be enough, if it came down to it. I pulled away and opened another little panel set flush in the smooth faced wood between her legs. Hidden within was a container… Continue Reading

  • Days Like Today

    Days like today… coming home to you keeps me sane, because you don’t require sanity of me. There’s a moment where niceties, the expectations of the outside world, cling greedily, threatening to plaster over the storm in me, but when your eyes meet mine I know I don’t have to. You accept my tempest. More:… Continue Reading