• Shhhh. Smut Marathon Round 2…

    Can You Keep a Secret? Alison Tyler’s Smut Marathon is in Round 2. I’m there as are some of my smutty friends. This time around, we’re doing something different. Something kinky. Something secret. Instead of posting the stories (which were written on a “secret” theme) with the authors’ names — the pieces are posted anonymously.… Continue Reading

  • Blood Tint ~ Part 13

    {Start with Part 1} Blood Tint ~ Part 13 “That’s Tracy,” Neave told me, “And whichever one you pick will be wrong,” she added with a whisper. I nodded, smiling into the game. Pulling out a seat for Neave, and settling next to her, crossing my arms in exaggerated thought, I replied, “Tamayo’s America, actually”.… Continue Reading

  • Blood Tint ~ Part 12

    {Start with Part 1} Blood Tint ~ Part 12 Cyrano’s was dark wood, clove, tobacco, and hash smoke, and loud jazz; quite the assault to walk into off the street. Both Daci and I paused a moment at the threshold, mentally bracing. Neave caught us doing it and gave us a concerned look before we… Continue Reading

  • Twist

    This was my first entry in Alison Tayler‘s Smut Marathon – and it won! I hope you like it, too. – M “Now, turn around and face me.” I used to think I loved your smile. I used to think another was the curve of your hip; still another the smooth sweep of your thigh. But all… Continue Reading

  • Gone (Smut) Marathoning

    I’m participating in Alison Tyler’s Smut Marathon – me and 14 other writers I’m lucky to share the page with. The Marathon consists of a theme for each round, and two weeks to write a story of 250 words or less around it. The theme for the first round was “Twist“, and my entry shares… Continue Reading

  • Blood Tint ~ Part 7 ~ Podcast

    Continuing the podcast of Blood Tint, again narrated by the wonderful Warrior Queen. Blood Tint ~ Part 7 ~ Podcast at the Acoustic Monocle Part 7 begins the second “chapter” of the story. If you’d like to read along, part 7 can be found here.

  • stay

    stay with me awhile just for a time just long enough for me to consume you