Decision Tree

With flight delays and traffic, I don’t expect you to be awake by the time I get home. You’ll probably be asleep in our bed. But I know what I’m going to do. I’ve even planned for contingencies. A little decision tree, if you will.
I’ll pass through and pick up the kitchen scissors on the way upstairs, creep into our room, cut off whatever you’re wearing (if, indeed you’ve decided to wear anything at all), and fill whatever hole of yours is facing up. Are you sleeping on your back? If so I bet I won’t even have to spit on my cock. I’ll just be able to slide into your perpetually wet cunt (you’ll have fallen asleep thinking of me, won’t you. I know.) easily, waking you only when I bottom out or start fucking in earnest. If you’re sleeping on your stomach, I’ll generously lube myself, spread those adorable asscheeks, put a nice dollop right there too, and slowly push my way in. I bet that it’ll be easy at first, because you’ll be asleep and relaxed. Oh, you’ll probably wake up just after I’ve stretched you open around my cock, but it’ll be too late. I’ll have one hand between your shoulder blades, one on the small of your back, my legs straddling you, my cock boring in, until I’m pressing down snug against your body. Then, very slowly, I’d start fucking until I can’t hold back any more, and come so deep inside you, hissing my satisfaction in your ear.
O-ho! But you sometimes sleep on your side, don’t you. Curled up in a nice semi-ball. In that case, I’ll spoon with you, sliding into your cunt from behind, and seeing when and how you wake up before determining what I’ll do next. Whether I roll on top of you to fuck you from behind, or roll you over me, holding you down to my body as I fuck up into you, or just stay there, slowly fucking as you lie blissfully asleep. But then. I suppose you _could_ be awake, waiting up for me. You _are_ sweet like that. In which case it’s “Hi, Honey, I’m home!” and kisses, and a delicious lovemaking welcome. There’s always time for the scissors tomorrow night…

Latest Comments

  1. kittythomas says:

    Hehehe This is just lovely.

  2. AtALoss says:

    That sounds fun! Perhaps we should give it a try after the next trip… :)

  3. ALA says:

    Yummy ^_^

  4. covertdreamer says:

    There’s rarely that much ‘planning’ in my life. I envy your RL spouse.

    Cheers, Mr. Creativity!

    C. Dreamer

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