Blood Tint ~ Part 8

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Blood Tint ~ Part 8

I woke up on the edge of panic. The sun was setting, I could feel it in my bones, and with the night, the echoes of the depthless, never-ending hunger that held me in its grip for decades… centuries ago. Half blind with sleep and fear of falling I reached for Daciana, my rescuer, my tamer, and for a horrific moment found no one next to me in this strange bed, in this strange place.

I don’t know what sound escaped me then, but I heard a response close to my ear.

“Shhh, Alak, I’m here.”

It wasn’t Daci, though I knew, I _felt_ she was also close. It was Neave, sliding back into the bed behind me, her body curling to mine, and coming over my side to find my clenched fist. I smelled her. Her sweat, her sex. Her blood. I swear if I hadn’t been more than sated already… Iron scraped my spine, and I curled into a tight ball so that I couldn’t do anything else.

“N-Neave… go, Go! Please. I’m dangerous… a monster.” My teeth chattered as I bit off the words. I hadn’t had it this bad in along time.

“No, you’re not.” Her words were calming, her hands, one on my fist, the other smoothing my hair, gentle. I could hear her own war with fear in her voice. She was so brave…”Daci told me a little bit. She sent me to be here for you. She knows you’re going to be all right, so I know it, too.”

I almost cried out for Daciana to take Neave away before… Almost. Neave was there, solid, warm; alive behind and around me. And inside me. Her blood coursed through me, a stream of quicksilver cooling the sudden oppressive heat inside me. I breathed her deep and slowly, slowly relaxed. Like a mother to a frightened child, Neave made comforting noises and caresses, similar, yet different from what Daci had done for me countless times before.

“That’s it. It’s all right. You’re safe. _I’m_ safe. It’s almost night, and we’re all here.”

I felt my heart rate slow, my breathing become more normal. I let my fists unclench, and shakingly took Neave’s hand in mine.

“I’m… sorry about that.”

A gentle tug on my shoulder; Neave pulled me onto my back. She’d been up for a while – no sleep in her eyes, her hair in some semblanc of order. Her hand fanned out on my chest, feeling my heart, I think.

“Don’t worry. That time – it was a long time ago.”

I knew that she was saying the words Daci told her to, reminding me of a story she did not yet know. But still, just like that, looking up into her eyes, the nightmare ran back to its dusky domain.

“Yes. It was. A long time ago.”

Neave leaned closer to my ear, her hand sliding lower on my chest, to my abdomen, then lower.

“I want to know,” she whispered. “I’m not afraid. I want to know about you.”

Her hand threaded downward and curled around my rapidly hardening cock. I exhaled deeper, the taut wire of waking dissipating and being replaced by another, altogether more pleasant tension.

“Do you mean vampires in general, or Daci and I in particular?”

Neave lowered her lips to mine briefly, then slid them off, breathing “Both” before she kissed my neck. She scraped my skin with her teeth – making us both chuckle – before beginning a trail of kisses destined to bring her mouth to where her hand stroked me.

“Eggs, my pets?”

Neave startled and let out an adorable “meep” sound. I opened my eyes to see Daciana at the foot of the bed clothed in a silky blue robe a few sizes to big for her. Arms crossed, hip canted, and with a knowing half-smile, she raised an eyebrow as she looked down at Neave and I.

“I did not know you had made other plans. Cold eggs are such a shame.”

Our eyes met briefly. One look spoke everything we needed about my ‘episode’ and what she – and Neave – had done for me. And then my stomach chose that moment to make a rather plaintive hungry rumble. Neave, whose ear was right above the sound started giggling. She turned her head to me, eyes wide as if in amazement at the noise, and I had to chuckle, too. It was infectious, soon all three of us were laughing. Neave released me, and sat up in the bed. I followed, one hunger temporarily abating for another.

Neave was in a red kinono-like robe, decorated with cranes and moons, that had fallen mostly open on the bed with me. She closed it up, maybe slower than she could have, while I found my boxers and slacks. My shirt was… somewhere. I didn’t bother looking too hard before joining the women at Neave’s small table.

You don’t live over three hundred years without learning to prepare eggs. They were delicious, and it was a pleasure of its own to see Neave’s face as she ate.

“Wow! You didn’t go shopping while I was asleep, did you?”

Daciana smiled and pointed at a now-open blackout shade. Deep indigo sky was now fading into the reflected orange of the cities lights. Neave paused around a mouthful of eggs and blushed.

“No. All the ingredients were already in your kitchen. Of which I approve,” Daci smiled.

“Wow,” Neave repeated, visibly deciding to forego further comment and just eat instead.

After the eggs and toast and coffee sipping we all sat back on Neaves’s mismatched restaurant surplus chairs and surveyed each other. I’d told Neave we’d answer her questions, and now was as good a time as any.

“What would you like to know, Neave?”

{Continued in Part 9}

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