First Asleep Loses

We cuddled, warm and cozy, the last shivers of climax ebbing between my legs. I yawned, tired from the long day, and the wonderful evening, and he looked down at me. That gleam in his eye, and the renewed stirring between his legs told me trouble was brewing. Good trouble? I didn’t know yet.

“Tell you what,” he said, “Let’s say we go down on each other until you fall asleep, then I can keep on licking you and give you good dreams.”

A little shiver ran through me. He’s evil. Deliciously so, but then, so am I. I arched an eyebrow back at him, licking my lips.

“What makes you so sure it won’t be the other way around? Maybe I’ll suck and lick you unconscious!”

His chuckle rumbled through his chest. Curled up against him, it felt like a little earthquake.

“I don’t know. We should find out. Last one awake gets to molest the other in their sleep.”

Tired as I was, the idea made me hot. Both of playing with his slumbering cock, and of him messing with my sleeping body. He bent to whisper in my ear.

“I will win. I got up later than you today. My tongue will never get tired. You’ll wake up to find yourself all tied up. My prisoner forever.”

I giggled filthily and squirmed in his lap. I was already ever his prisoner. And he mine. We’ve played that before, but still, it sent a little shiver up my spine. His hardening cock pressed up under my thigh.

“You win and I’m your eternal prisoner? I resign.”

“Ho, ho. Not so fast. I like it when you fight me.  The struggle turns me on.”

No shit. He’s proven that to me before, oh so well. And I’ll admit, just to myself, it turns me on, too. His hand traced up and down, a skating spider on my back as he mused.

“I have to think of something to make you not want to lose…”

That little edge to his voice, and the butterflies it brought to my stomach told me he really meant it. Tie me up, he’d said. We’ve played those games, too, and- His hand stopped moving.


Why did that one sound make me just a little scared?

First I’ll tie you nice and tight. Spread open, bare, bound. No freedom of movement at all. With a blindfold.”

He knew  I didn’t do well in true confinement. Or isolation. The blindfold was enough to raise the stakes for me. Being helpless and unable to see-

“And my new noise canceling headphones. They’re very good, you know. I’ll tie them in place, too. You won’t be able to hear a thing except what I put through my mic. I will control all your senses.”

The words poured like mercury, cold and metallic down my spine. I stiffened involuntarily, imagining the sensory deprivation of it.

“No… not all. You could keep your mouth closed. Hmm. A ring gag. While you sleep, before I tie you, I will run out and buy one. Just for you, I know just where.”

“O-okay. Now I’m frightened.”

I meant it too, and it came out in my voice. That didn’t stop my cunt from twitching and tingling at the thought of it. Feeling so alone, so utterly out of control scared the shit out of me. But my cunt was a whore. His whore, and he knew it. He was fully hard now, nudging up under me. _He_ certainly liked where this was going.

“Enough to make you give it everything you’ve got?”

I nodded.

“Knowing you’ll lose, you still have to try, don’t you.”

It wasn’t a question.  I nodded more slowly.


It was always dangerous when his words got flowery like that.  He leaned away from me, taking my shoulders in his hands, eyes sober but glittering.


And here we were. I could say no. I could say I was really tired and just wanted to sleep, or just make love one more time. Any number of other things, and he would listen, and tomorrow would be another day.

A drop of moisture escaped down my thigh from my flooding cunt.

Besides, maybe I could win…

“Ready,” I whispered.

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