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A Daydream & Distraction by Redbud

  • To all our readers: I have added a new erotic category with this story – Married Sex. Much erotica, if not most, is about cheating, sex with strangers or non-consensual sex (which is fun to read and write) but I love being married and there’s a lot of fun in married sex. So, here’s a category for all of us who are married and like it that way. Newly edited: February 4 2013
Tentacles, 2009 Royal mail stamps and envelope 110 x 220 mm

It’s been too long.

Where is he? What’s under the bed? But you knew better. You will face your fear.


Do you feel it? The first tentacle wraps softly, flannel-like around your right ankle. Do you want to yank your foot away? Another tentacle is already curling around the other ankle. Grip the covers and bite your lip. Don’t look. Don’t you dare. Stare at the ceiling. Slowly, powerfully, your ankles are drawn apart. There’s only one reason.

“What did you do to him?”

The tentacles pull until your ankles are at opposite corners.

“What did you do to my husband?”

But the monster won’t answer. More tentacles wrap imperturbably around your wrists. Test their strength but your slender arms are no match. They’re already drawing your wrists to the bed’s top corners. Ever since you were a girl, becoming a woman, you’ve hidden from the monster – suspecting what it wanted to do – dreading but secretly desiring it. This time you won’t hide. In truth, it’s already too late.

Tentacles draw down the covers. The cloth slips achingly over your nipples, breasts, belly button, and lower until you feel nothing but the bedroom’s warm air. You’re helpless.

Close your eyes.

Warmth engulfs your nipple. Suction. It draws your nipple and breath upward. Arch. The mattress sinks as the monster slinks between your open legs. The entry into your flat abdomen is defenseless. Shake your head. Cry out when the tip of a narrow tentacle penetrates you. Feel it slip further and further inside. Pant. The tip presses upward against your spongy G-Spot. Inhale and groan. The monster moves to your other breast. The tentacle inside you is like a vibrating finger. It’s not fair! Your defenseless! Groan. Twist. “Put a sheet under me!” you gasp. “I just cleaned the sheets!”

The monster hesitates.


No answer. The tentacle at massaging your G-Spot won’t stop. Your breasts begin to flow. “Please…” you beg. “I can’t stop it!” The orgasm begins. Stiffen. Gasp. Try to prevent it. “Please,” you beg. “It’s not fair!”

Then your belly tightens. Your ankles and wrists pull hard. Your neck arches and your hips lift off the mattress. You’ve lost control.  You spurt again and again. Grunting. Mess your clean sheets. What can you do?  The tentacle draws out your orgasm, draining you until you collapse.

“Please,” you beg, “no more.”

The smaller tentacle withdraws. A much larger tentacle begins to press in its place. Grunt. Pant. Hold your breath. Exhale when the thickest part sinks into you. Groan as your belly is filled, inch by inch.

“Please, not again.”

Roll your eyes as you’re filled to the depth of your narrow waist.

“Please, I don’t want your baby. I want my husband’s baby. Tonight was supposed to be his turn, not yours! Haven’t you bred enough children in me? They leave messes. They slime – ” You grunt as it thrusts. “They slime my furniture. They wipe their noses on their sleeves. They’re little–” You grunt with another thrust. “They’re little monsters!”

But the tentacle doesn’t listen. It thrusts. You  grunt. It thrusts. You grunt, tug and try to kick. The large appendage won’t stop sliding inside you. Do you feel it? The familiar tingle?  Your penetrated belly begins to tighten. Say oh God! Groan. Say no! But the thrusting won’t stop. Once again your mouth is opening; your back is arching off the bed. Your sex clenches once, twice. You’re going to be inseminated. Groan. The convulsions are quick and sharp. Your pussy milks the tentacle. Spasm. That’s right. You can’t help it. The monster’s first pulse feels like warm burst in your womb. There’s that pause, always that pause, and then the hard, quick spurting of its juices follows. Milk it. It fills you.

The monster’s juices flow out of you, mingled with your own.

The appendage withdraws. The tentacles release your wrists and ankles. There’s a long silence. The bed shakes.

“Is that you?” you ask. “Where have you been?”

:Will Crimson
January 18 2010

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  1. ‘Tentacle sex’ is brand new to me and had a distinct ‘ewww’ factor for me until recently, I like. I particularly enjoyed the non-consensual aspect of this story, thank you :-)

    1. Monocle is the tentacle connoisseur and this story is definitely a friendly tribute to him – my collaborator.

      I’ve never been that into it either, but I’m very omnivorous about my erotica. I get the symbolism and the story was fun to write.

  2. As a married person – I am thrilled at the category.
    As a mom – I laughed at the “slimy children” comment…
    and then I was horrifically enthralled at the rest…and over all amused.
    Perfect thing to read while the soup cooks and the kids butcher “Yellow Submarine” (AGAIN!)

    1. What about when she scolded the monster, saying she had just cleaned the sheets?

      I’m really happy to hear that you appreciate the married sex category. A married relationship can be so safe, creative and fun.

  3. That would be something the hubster would say. I’m not such a clean freak as it would be one of the first things I thought of. … Married relationship can be those things — it can also be the opposite. It seems to flow with the seasons. Can’t wait to read more.

  4. Interesting take on the tentacle genre. I can see this story in two ways. (when M writes them, there is no doubt , well, it’s a tentacle story.) Here, I can imagine yes, it’s the “boogie” tentacle monster that lives under the bed that comes for her or I can see it’s really the hubby imagined as the tentacle monster. And yes as a parent, sometimes don’t you wonder just where the “little monsters” we call our children really come from? /grin

  5. An interesting take on the theme! I too pictured the monster under the bed…we all know he has long tentacles to grab the unwary, overhanging foot! Well done! And monster children…a giggle…so true!

    Secondly, having just been introduced to the idea of tentacle sex (and i second the “ewww” factor here)…i had to answer Monocle’s challenge and wrote one myself. Alas, it’s not long enough to submit to the Anthology contest, but it was a very, very different thing for me to attempt to write. Stretching sometimes feels good, even when it’s hard!


    ps…it’s called “Sea Witch”. Hope you get a chance to check it out.

    1. Stretching sometimes feels good, even when it’s hard!

      Oh Jeez… now you know I can’t just let that slip by…

      Surely you must mean: Stretching sometimes feels good, especially when it’s hard!

  6. *giggles* well, of *course* i meant that, too! (nilla laughs!)

    Okay, and thanks for coming to look at the Sea Witch…and i have just written part 2 AND part 3 (fini)….when the muse bites, answer!

    Part 2 comes on the blog on Saturday, and 3 comes out on Tuesday. Who knew? nilla and tentacle sex. (i feel a stretch coming on!)

  7. So my girlfriend asked me to read some tentacle erotica so I came here found this nd well now I know why she’s so turned on by this the slight feeling of helplessness mixed with the secret desire for more regular lorn is pointless compared to this bravo

    1. Nice to hear from a new reader. I’ve been out of circulation for that last few weeks, but if I can help it, I may have another Tentacle for Halloween.

  8. This amused me. I was thinking perhaps this might be a euphanism for masturbation. Waiting so long and giving it, and then the husband FINALLY comes along and welp, too late

    1. Tentacle is extremely shifty, a master of deception, who frequently disguises himself as a euphemism, symbol or metaphor (or even as “a husband”) but don’t be fooled.

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