Lover’s Game

I’m awakened to the feel of the silk blindfold being lowered over my eyes. I mumble and stir, and my lover’s quiet voice hushes me.

“Shh, just you relax. We’re going to play another little game this morning,” he tells me.

“Mmmmm” is my sleepy reply. His games are always exciting, and through my grogginess I feel a spark of interest and excitement kindle inside.

He shifts on the bed, pulling the sheets from over us. I try to curl up into a warm ball, but his strong, confident hands take hold of me.

“No, none of that, baby, we need you just so,” as he rolls me onto my tummy. There’s a large lump there – he’s placed one of the big, firm pillows in the middle of the bed, and it makes my ass stick up ‘just the way he likes it’ when he wants to give me a serious plowing from behind. As he positions me, my nightshirt rides up, almost to the bottom of my panties, making me shiver. The spark spreads from my belly down between my legs as his hands trail up my calves and thighs, over my rear end, up my spine to my shoulders, and down along my arms. He takes hold of my hands, pulling them around above my head on the bed.

“Something very special for you today,” he whispers in my ear as I feel more silk winding around my wrists, binding them softly together, “I’m going to give you away to one of my friends.”

I gasp and try to rise up, but his hand is on my back, gently pressing down. I relax a bit, remembering that it is play, but now I’m wide awake, my mind and heart racing. He’s found another hot button – one I didn’t know I had. The thought of being treated like that – a mere possession he could loan out – horrible! But I can feel the damp spot spreading between my legs. I must be blushing furiously and turn my head toward the mattress, away from where I feel him hovering over me.

“Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about any of them,” he whispers, teasing, “I know they’re a hard bunch. I know you’ve checked them out. And I know they’ve checked *you* out. They’re always giving me flap about what a hot piece of ass you are, how much they’d like a shot at you, and how I have to treat you right or they’ll be happy to step in.” His hands move back down, tickling the sides of my breasts through my nightshirt, then moving down and lifting the hem up to the small of my back. Both his touch and his words have me squirming.

“I thought it was time maybe I shared,” he slips fingers under the elastic of my panties and draws them down and off my legs.

“Nooo…” I whisper-whine back, even as I lift my butt and then legs to let him slide the panties off. His hands run up and down my thighs, and then squeeze my butt cheeks. His hands are hot. My skin is hot. I’m falling into the game, stepping into the role, letting fear turn me on.

“Nice and firm, turned up and welcoming, just the way I like it,” his voice is above and behind me now. His hands slide down inside my thighs and push gently but insistently. I open my legs for him.

“You don’t know which one it is, coming up to you right now, to fuck that pretty little pussy.” God, he is so dirty. I feel his knees settle between mine, the presence of his body radiating down on me. I jump as a warm finger slides between my legs, digs into me. It comes away wet.

“You don’t even care, do you. You’d do any of them, all of them, wouldn’t you.” He speaks the questions like statements. The faces – and bodies – of his ‘buds’ pass for review before my minds eye. My lover pushes my legs wider with his knees, and grasps my hips in his hands. So unfair – I love the animal aspects of doing it from behind. The feel of him holding me firmly like that, readying for coupling, gets my motor running even for “vanilla” sex. I know he’s using it for this taboo game on purpose, pushing me to play deeper into the perverted fantasy. I imagine the hands at my hips being of those other men. I moan as the head of his prick presses against my pussy lips, and shudder as he nudges forward, opening me just a bit, then relenting. As if he can read my mind, he lowers toward me, whispering the names of each of his friends like reading a menu.

With each new name, I squirm, trying to move my vulnerable entrance away from the nuzzling, probing shaft, picturing the man belonging to the name as the one mounting me, readying to take me. A couple I’d never let touch me, and react more strongly those names, shying away as best I can. Others really were pretty hot, and I give a more token resistance to the insistent prodding. He mocks my futile attempts, and I know he sees which ones I object to more – and less – strongly. I know he’s making it up but Christ, it drives me crazy to think about his buddies as ravening men, barely restrained, and one of them behind me…

He pushes forward, and I try to evade, but this time he doesn’t stop. I can’t get away! I feel my pussy flood with my own arousal.

“Hhh” is I can say as he sinks into me. He’s leaning over me, hands like a vice on my hips. I would have fought to get away, just for the play of it, but he is pressing down on me, holding me too well as he pulls out and pushes deep again. Then again. My hands are tied loosely but securely – I can’t use them to fight him off. I’m helpless and my lover has given me to his friend to fuck… God, this is his hottest fantasy yet!

“Ohhgod” Jesus! What he can do to me. He’s so big and hard. And I’m so aching for him- I mean for the buddy who’s taken his place. Every time I remember to let that sink in it gives me the most erotic chill.

His breathy voice is almost at my ear. He whispers what each one tells him about wanting to fuck me, how hard they would give it to me, how they’d steal me from him with their big cocks or their tongues. He changes the pace of his fucking with each description; slow drilling to hard slamming to deep pressing thrusts that tap the end of my passage.

“I’m having them over for cards tonight, you won’t even know which it was. Is. In you right now.”

“F-fucker…” His words and his cock are pushing me to the edge. I can’t believe the effect it’s having on me.

“You’ll smile and say hi to each one, not knowing if it’s their jizz swimming inside you as they smile and kiss you on the cheek.”

“Whu! No-UhH!” I try to rear up as I realize his meaning – his jack hammering cock doesn’t have on a condom! I try to bring my hands around, to squirm away from him. Of course I can’t, and my cunt fairly gushes, helpless, unprotected, fucked by a ‘stranger’… my hips start hunching back at him, meeting my lover’s thrusts of their own accord.

He is playing so mean. “Roulette” is another of the games we sometimes play that gets us both off like firecrackers. I am probably safe now, but that extra bit of danger almost about pushes me over the edge right there. My whole body tingles on the precipice; blind, tied, given away to a stranger, unprotected, and turned on beyond belief.

“Oh, yeah, I told him he could have you full time if he knocked you up!”

“B-Bastard!… OOh JESUS FUCK!” That does it. I wail as I stiffen and come hard.

My whole body shakes, squeezing him inside as the orgasm crashes through me. He pounds into me through it all, feeling bigger, harder as he pushes through my resistance. Hands pull my hips roughly back to him until, with a final thrust he buries himself to the hilt and lets loose. I feel his cock throb as his cum pumps deep into me, and I’m still going, milking him of his cream, heedless of the risk, not caring who he is… He can fill me forever. My body drinks greedily and comes and comes.

The pleasure flows deep and long, then ebbs. I come down slowly, floating on the cloud of release, even as I am pressed to the bed under his body.

“That was beautiful, darling. Just beautiful,” He caresses my blushing cheek, then leans down to kiss me. “You rest, now. I’ll come back with breakfast.”

Slowly, the softening cock withdraws, slurping from me. Semen begins to ooze from my vacated hole almost immediately, and the thrill/fear of that makes me shudder again – all part of the game. I try to push more of it out, but my ass is still upraised on the pillow, and in the afterglow I’m letting myself fall back towards sleep. I would close my legs, roll away from my ‘fuck me’ pose, try to free my hands, or lift the blindfold, or ask my lover to do those things, but I don’t. I find myself holding on to the whole play, feeling the weakness and helplessness carry me into wicked dreams. Only as the last shards of wakefulness fall away do I wonder how he could touch my cheek and hold my hips in both hands at the same time…

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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


  1. lustorlimerence

    I realized that your playfulness and realistic descriptions have led me down many a dark path that would have seemed too lurid in a lesser writer’s hands. I was surprised and impressed to find out that you are male after reading several of your female p.o.v. stories, starting with Invisible Lines that haunted me for months. I love how, just when the reader is comfortably settled–doing the mental equivalent of post-coitial cuddling, your story gives it an unexpected O. Henry-esque thrust in the ass.

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