Following Will’s example, I’m giving it a try. This photo struck me so hard, I had to do something. It’s very short, because, I think most great photos tell almost all the story by themselves. Almost all.
A Photo Quickie by Monocle
She sleeps, beautiful, innocent. My minions descend, reaching down for her, twining slowly, carefully. She doesn’t stir as they establish their gentle hold. They lift – it is easy. She is light with dreaming.
They carry her from her bed, from her room, from what she knows. They carry her to me.

Photo by Britany Dewester

Latest Comments

  1. nilla says:

    great photo…excellent story…short can be deliciously evocative…


  2. yearzerowriters says:

    Wow. Nice. (You seen Sam Taylor-Wood’s recent photos? – similar).

  3. ALA says:

    I like it.
    Any story where you can use “minions” — it’s a good story.

  4. willcrimson says:

    Every time I see the picture and read the story, I crack up. I love it. If the blue balloons are the minions, one can only guess at the fate that awaits her. Let’s hope she’s not scared of heights.

  5. remittance girl says:

    A perfect blend of innocence and wickedness.

    • Monocle says:

      What could possibly be wicked about harmless blue balloons? Besides the bondage and kidnapping part, I mean.

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