A Photo Quickie • Taken

This is a sort of experimental genre which I’ve discussed with Raziel.

There are some beautifully erotic photos blogged and re-blogged throughout the web. And the best erotic photos, it seems to me, imply a narrative – as though they were a snapshot from a larger story. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to write some very brief erotic vignettes based on some of my favorite photos.

A Photo Quickie by Redbud

He held a bottle of red wine.

He carried a bucket of ice in the crook of his arm and extra towels. He would need them tonight or, rather, she would.

Room 118… room 119…

He turned the corner. Across from the door of his room, the  elevator doors were closing. He caught a brief glance of an impeccably dressed man.

He pulled the card-key from his pocket.

But the door to his room was only just creaking to a stop, just short of closing.

He hesitated, then pushed the door back open. His girlfriend, still in her tight black dress, was on her knees, bent over the seat of the desk chair. Her mouth was open and her eyes half lidded. She leaned her tussled hair in one hand and with the other, reaching behind her, was slowly pushing her dress back down.

Her panties were gone.


He spun around, spilling some of the ice from his bucket. A young man held a tray of food. “Room Service, Sir.”

Photo by Yan McLine

Latest Comments

  1. ALA says:

    Great idea!
    And the summary really went with the picture
    I nearly laughed out loud when room service startled the poor guy.
    Still smirking about it.

  2. willcrimson says:

    Thanks so much for your comment… :-)

    I’ll be interested to see whether other readers like this kind of thing. As with the picture, I was trying to make my own narrative feel as though it might be part of a larger story.

  3. remittance girl says:

    I love this meme. I’m going to have to find an image. I loved this one.

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