Tentacle Dreams: Calls for Submission

Fisherman's wifeRemittance Girl is looking to try another anthology, for longer stories that feature the rather strange fetish of Tentacle Sex. I am hoping to both contribute and help in some form aspect of the editing and/or construction of the volume. Stories will not be limited to the consensual. In fact, part of the attraction for those of us who enjoy the murky world of this particular fetish is that it often has a non-consensual aspect to it. For this reason, it’s not viable to do this through ERWA as it transgresses one of their central rules.

See Remittance Girl’s Blog Entry for a short discussion about ‘Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’, arguably the origin of the tentacle sex phenomenon, and a little history about tentacle erotica in the modern world. Needless to say, this particular genre is also close to my twisted little heart, so I am quite excited about the possibility.

RG is proposing to put together an e-book of well-written tentacle stories. They can be consensual or non-consensual, hyper-realism or total fantasy / sci-fi, but they have to show a high level of writing craft and stories which attempt a new take on the genre will be most welcomed.

Submission details reposted below with permission.

Deadline for submission: April 1, 2010

Mode of submission: Word document or plain text emailed toadrasteiapornea@googlemail.com with Tentacle Dreams in the subject heading.

Submission guidelines:

The central eroticism of the piece MUST be tentacle-based. Seafood, plantlife, aliens, mutant humans are all fine. Any sexual orientation is fine.

Lengthwise, 2,000 to 8,000 word stories, please. I will consider shorter pieces or poetry, but they have a much lower chance of being accepted. Excerpts will not be accepted.

Be as wild and thoroughly kinky as you like. Be inventive and outrageous! This is high fantasy! But characters’ reactions should be believable. And there’s the rub. How do you convince readers to suspend disbelief about something so incredible? That’s  your challenge.

The only content limitation is no under age characters in sexual situations. Non-consensual is fine, as is a certain level of violence. But I do reserve the right to exclude a piece that I feel reaches a level of violence where it overshadows the eroticism. And yes, that would be an entirely subjective call.

Your submission should be thoroughly proofread for spelling and grammar. Also, please be artful in your sentence construction and avoid repetitions as much as possible. Good writing craft is what will elevate this anthology above the bulk of pulp erotica written within this genre.

If you have any questions, please feel free to address them to Remittance Girl at adrasteiapornea@googlemail.com.

She’s also very, very interested in finding an illustrator, or illustrators for this e-book. Should you be interested, please contact RG at the above email.

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  1. Mababdon

    Thanks for that, Monocle – I might just try my hand at this.
    The tentacle (etc) thing deserves much more literature, much more than the “Hentai” scene offers it.
    As for “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”, it’s certainly one of the earliest examples, but I’ve always found organic stuff eerily alluring, so I think its just in the psyche. Um. Mine anyway!

    But hey, put yer feelers in the air like yer just dont care! Lol!

    • Monocle

      Come one, come all! The challenge will be to write something above and beyond just the squishy hentai manga scene. I love me the squishy parts, but we all know there can be more to it. Have at it!

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