Quickie • Admissions

A Quickie by RedBud

The pretty junior from Mascoma High thanked her for the interview, collected her jacket and left.  A whiff of vanilla left the room with her. The pretty junior was an A student.  She was bright, articulate and volunteered in the community. But what she liked most was the girl’s hobby – skateboarder.  Sarah wished she had done something more with her life and with her youth.  She had been too uptight, too much on the straight and narrow.  There was a swing and swank in the girl’s hips that peeved Sarah.  She couldn’t imagine herself, a fifty year old woman, getting a tattoo or a piercing.  But when she imagined herself as a sixteen year old – she wished she had had the guts.  She envied the younger girls – their freedom to be themselves.

Sarah yawned.
She regretted having agreed to interview another candidate during lunch. She was hungry.  Nobody else was in the office.

Sarah woke herself from her reverie.  “David?”

“Yes, Mam,” the tall boy answered.  “I wasn’t too sure anybody was here.”
“Please, come in,” Sarah gestured the chair opposite her.

“You have a fine office,” said the boy.  His hair was short and black and a he had an Adam’s apple like Ichabod Crane.  He was a little gangly and awkward but he walked with assurance. – a well proportioned young man with strong and broad shoulders.  His movements were quick, energetic and youthful.  She stood. He took her hand, firmly but gently.  His eyes met hers, warmly and engaging.  There wasn’t a hint of shyness or awkwardness in his blue eyes.  Something like butterflies briefly tickled Sarah’s stomach.

He sat.  He was wearing jeans and white button down shirt.  Most boys didn’t wear jeans to the interviews.  Sarah remembered to sit and briefly glanced through his application.

“You’re from Iowa.”
“Yes, Mam.”

She wished he wouldn’t call her Mam.  “And I see you grew up on a farm?”
“Yes, Mam.  Still working the same farm as my great great grand-pa’s.”

“Well,” she said, “I’m glad you came. What made you apply to this school?” The boy shifted in his seat.  Sarah guessed he was used to a thousand acres of earth and big sky.  His presence just didn’t fit in the office chair or the small office.  There was a wildness in his lean frame.  She took the pen out of her mouth.
“I just thought it was time somebody from our family had a proper education.”

“This is a quite a ways from home.”
“Yes, Mam.  There’s more to the world than Iowa.”
“And your interests…”

“Animal husbandry, Mam.  Veterinary Science.  We want to start livestock again.  There’s money in wheat and corn, but we think we can do better bringing livestock back.  You see, you didn’t used to have to buy fertilizer.” The boy leaned forward, interested, excited.  “Livestock, see, used to fertilize a pasture.  It was a closed system, if you know what I mean.  You didn’t need to buy fertilizer and all that.  You didn’t used to depend on it. That’s the way farms used to be run.”

“I think your father’s not alone in wanting to bring back livestock…”
“Well, we already have, Mam.  We had a stock breeder come in and I learned a lot from him.”
“Well, that’s a head start…” Sarah said, regretting it as soon as she’d said it.

“Mam?  Yes, Mam.  I’ve seen a lot.”
“Do you have any hobbies?”
“Breeding, Mam.”

Sarah nearly choked on her pen.  Her stomach tingled and she giggled – like an idiot.  She quickly straightened. “Excuse me?” she asked.
“Animal husbandry, Mam.”
“Oh…” Had he meant?  Did she misinterpret?  Now she felt like a fool.  He must have known what she was thinking.  Why did she giggle like a 16 year old?

The young man studied her.  He stared into his lap, then at the rest of the office.  “These are mighty fine books you have.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in a room that wasn’t a library.”
“Well… when you get to be my age…”

“How old are you?”
“38,” she lied.  Why did she lie?
“My Pa’s got books but Ma likes to hid them.”

“There’s something of value in every book,” she said – stupidly.  That’s not what she should have said!  That’s not the kind of books he was talking about.  He was flirting with her!  He was playing a different game! Her heart was racing.
“I won’t tell anybody if you don’t,” he said as a he stood.  He walked slowly toward the bookshelves.  His jeans were bulging.
Sarah swallowed, and that was one swallow too long.  She should have said: ‘It’s time this interview ended.’ or ‘Get out!’ Instead, she asked: “How old are you?”

“Same age as you.” And the way he said it, with a cock of his head and a smile.  Jesus, he was a cocky boy.  Her stomach was on a roller coaster.  “What’s this book about?” he asked, trailing his finger along the spine of an administrative book he wasn’t remotely interested in – a book on the top shelf.

This was her last chance.  Instead, Sarah put down the folder she had been holding.  She absent-mindedly straightened her dress and stood.  She stepped next to him and reached for the book.  He moved behind her, his arms around her, his hands moving up to her breasts.  She forgot about the damned book, but her hands were clenching the shelf.  He was so god-damned cocky.  And his palms were moving over her hardening nipples.

She tried not to shake.
“I’m sorry,” he spoke quietly into her ear, “if I’m being too bold.”

Like hell you are! – she thought to herself.  She gasped as he pinched her nipples.  Then all pretense vanished.  The seducer turned into the boy.  His hands returned to his fly.  She heard the zipper.  She felt him push up her dress and pull down her panties – all eagerness, all boy.  She kept her hands above her.  He was awkward, unpracticed.  His first push slid between her soaked lips but missed her opening.  He pushed again, missed, then another push and she moaned loudly.  Jesus but he was big!  He groaned too – the pleasure of pussy to a young boy!

Then he was fucking her.  Hard.  Fast.  There was no subtlety.  He didn’t think about her.  His thrusts were hard; and the way he held onto her hips!  Jesus! She felt like she was 16 again.  She was going to be bruised.  She grunted with each thrust and arched her back to him.  She let go of the top shelf and her hands fumbled for the next shelf down, then the next.
He was all boy, fucking her fast and with only one end in mind.

“HUH!” He cried out and held his pelvis hard against.  She felt his cock’s rapid-fire twitching , filling her with cum.  Her, a fifty year old women!  – filled, hard and rapid,  with a boy’s cum.  She exhaled.  She felt him let go and felt his long cock slowly slip out of her.  He backed up to the desk, sitting on its edge.  He still wore that cocky grin, the one that made her feel like a silly teenager.  And he was still hard!  Christ but his cock was big with a head like mushroom.  It was glistening with both their juices and still stood arrogantly from his jeans.  The boy was still hard!

She wasn’t done.  She should have been, but she wasn’t.  She needed that inside her again, she needed to cum on it, to feel it insider her as she orgasmed.  She knelt in front of him, gazed into his eyes and unfastened the buttons of her dress.  His eyes fell on her breasts.  His cock twitched.  Hell, yes! – she thought.  She pulled down his jeans and pushed up his shirt.  He was all muscle, lean hips and angular strength.  The musky smell of his cock mixed with her own juices. She licked his legs.  Then she cradled his balls and licked – tasted salt and the tang of something else.  She kissed his abdomen, hard and smooth.  Then took him into her mouth, tasting his cum and her own arousal.  She sucked.  He groaned and pushed his fingers tightly through her hair.

She deep throated him and knew no girl had ever done that.  She felt another twitch and a syrupy, salty sweetness and the back of her throat.  No.  The second time was for her.  She stood up.

“Lie down!” she said.  The cocky boy did as he was told.
She straddled him, knees to either side, held his farmer’s cock in one hand and pushed the flare of it against her opening, and she moaned again.  Her belly stretched and opened to admit him, stretched and spasmed until she felt the hard length of him pressing upward, deeply opening her.  He reached for her hips.  She took his wrists and forcefully pushed them back to the floor.  “Keep them there,” she said.

The boy did as he was told.

Then she began moving, slowly.  She ground her clit against the dark curls at the base of his cock even as she remained impaled on it.  The boy groaned.  She moved up, just licking the tip of his cock with the lips of her opening, then slowly lowered herself, engulfing him in her womb.  She rose and she fell.  The boy briefly smiled at her then closed his eyes, head back, mouth open.
She pushed up his shirt, and licked his hard nipples.  No girl had done that.  She licked and nibbled at his nibbles, all while rising, falling on and grinding against his pelvis.  The boy was groaning.  He lifted his hips against her.  “Don’t move,” she hissed.
“No girl ever done anything like this, Mam.”

Music to her ears.  She rested her palms against his broad shoulders – a young man’s shoulders.  She was taking him and she was also being taken.  This wasn’t a boy’s cock.  This was a man’s; and she was slowly cumming on it.  Her pace increased, as did her breath and cries.  With each fall, the tip of him pushed hard inside her, reminding her, making her feel like that 16 year old.

She leaned forward again.  She licked his chin, the sparse stubble.  She sat up, rising and falling.  She brought his palm to her lips and licked them.  She pushed his hands to the side again.  She pressed her own palms against his hard stomach and told him not to move.  She felt her pussy tighten around the girth of him.  She felt his back arch, saw his fingers claw at the floor, heard the boy cry and grunt, and she came.  She pinched his nipples.  She threw her head back and closed her eyes.  Her muscles clenched and released and clenched the boy’s cock.
He was pouring himself into her, again.  She could feel the warmth of him flowing into her and out of her.
And he was still hard!

He was smiling at her with that crooked, cocky smile.  She smiled back.  Her loins and belly felt wet and warm.   She flowed with him.
“No girl has ‘ever’ done that to me.” He smiled.  His Adam’s apple bobbed and she leaned forward, licking it.

Christ, when was he going to go soft?
Suddenly she was on her back!  He was thrusting hard!  Fast!  She opened her legs.  She opened them wider. She gazed at him, breathless and surprised.

“Fuck me!” The words escaped her mouth.  “FUCK ME!”

He did.  His hands were against the floor on either side her head.  The boy held himself above her effortlessly – young, muscles knotted and quick.  She turned her head, licked and bit at his forearm.  All her thought and awareness focused on the cock moving in and out of her, taking her.  She had overheard other younger girls once: a machine-gun fuck.

Her had snapped back and she came again.  Her hips rose off the floor in time with her convulsions.  His cock slipped out of her and shot strings of cum up her belly and between her breasts, his own head was thrown back and eyes closed.
And, finally, after a last dripping twitch, his cock softened, beginning to dangle between his legs. He slowly stood.  She did too.  His cock was still long and heavy.

They cleaned themselves off.
“I suppose it will be a month or two before I know if I’m admitted, Mam?”

“Yes,” she straightened her dress.
“It’s been a pleasure, Mam,” said the boy.

“Yes,” she breathed, not knowing how to end the ‘interview’.  “I don’t often get candidates like you.”
“I sure hope you admit me,” said the boy (that cocky smile again).  “I can see I could sure learn a lot at your institution.”
And that ended it.  The boy left.  He walked a little more loosely.
Sarah decided to take the afternoon off.  There was a swing and a swank in her step.

She needed a tattoo.

:Will Crimson
December 30, 2009

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  1. Penny says:

    This left me breathing hard.

  2. nilla says:

    oh, hawt hawt hawt….I LOVED it! Panted through to the end…phew! that was good.

    nilla, smiling

  3. Dreams of Freedom says:

    This is months after the “release” . I don’t think I read it previously. Very enjoyable. Hit’s home
    (she so wishes, snicker)for me being 50 and needy and such.

    Thank you for sharing your talent, Red. I’ll be perusing (and using) more of your kind offerings in the future.

  4. ashes says:

    That is just *sighz* so freaking winding… The farm boy appeal & the older more experienced woman. Mmmmm This was a good read!

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