Nightmares & Visions ◊ Dangerous Lapdance

Dangerous Lapdance
Nightmare & Vision #74, by Monocle

I sat in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, fingers tangled in his curly hair. His strong hands roamed up and down my sides and back. We were both naked, and his erection pressed up between the cheeks of my ass as we kissed long and deep. I wanted him so bad, his pole was already wet from my arousal. My purse was somewhere on the floor among the scattered clothing. I just needed to get the condom out of it.

Our tongues fought as his hands traced up my sides to my breasts, thumbs brushing across my hard nipples. When I was this excited, which happened too rarely for my taste, my breasts were nearly as sensitive as my clit. I moaned into his mouth and shuddered at his touch, forgetting everything but how it felt. I was going to cum just from his hands on my breasts and my grinding into his lap.

Still lost in the sensations, I almost whined in protest when his hands moved under my arms. He lifted me, breaking our kiss. Before I could complain too much, his hot mouth had closed on my left nipple, and I arched my back and moaned loud, pressing forward into his face, grabbing and holding his head there as he suckled. His rising shaft poked my perineum, only adding to the sensation.

He turned his attention to my right breast, and pleasure coursed through me. He leaned forward, hands sliding to my waist. Before I knew what had happened, he’d pushed me back and down, and I was sinking onto his cock. Alarms went off in my head and I started to protest and push away, but he chose that second to give my nipple a gentle bite, followed by a savage sucking and swirling attack of his tongue. My objections turned into lusty moans and my body bucked. Instinctively, I impaled myself on his cock, magically doubling my pleasure. My lust-addled brain drowned out whatever worries had threatened my body’s continuing fulfillment.
He barely paused when switching his oral attention to the other breast. I was almost reclined, back and neck supported by either one of his arms, while his free hand massaged and kneaded the breast he wasn’t latched on to. My lower body worked by itself, undulating up and down his thick shaft of its own accord. The pleasure flowed and engulfed me, and I came violently, arching and screaming for what seemed like hours.

My senses came back slowly, and with them, the realization and urgency to get the protection in place before things got any further. From the sweat on his body and the pace of his breathing, he wasn’t going to last much longer, and I wanted him in me, but safe, when he came.

Gently, I pushed him back to sitting straight up, reassuring him, with kisses and words. I lifted up off of him and turned to search for my purse. His hands came to my shoulders and began to push me down. I looked down at him, objecting words on my tongue, but from what I saw in his eyes he wasn’t going to be listening.

I realized it was too late to do anything as he forced me back down on his swelling shaft, thrusting up into me as I struggled to rise off him. He filled me more and more, and then his head rushed forward and attacked my right breast again.

I don’t know what did it – some untapped erotic reservoir, or the combination of force and danger as he pulled my unprotected pussy down onto him, but a second climax crashed over me, sucked out of my nipple, fucked into me by the bare cock. During this crashing, screaming cum, I heard and felt his own orgasm strike – his seed erupting up into my body with nothing to stop it…

– Monocle


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  1. milastlaurent

    I discovered this site last night after reading an old article on Jezebel that basically called you a tool. I’m freakin’ hooked! You, Ximena, and RedBud are each so talented. I have always been more a fan of erotic fiction than anything else, but so much of it (that fits my tastes anyway) is garbage. Stumbling upon you guys was like an answered prayer. I plan to spend this glorious day off in the buff, devouring each story! Awesome stuff!


    • Hi M, I just got home and saw your messages. Thanks so much for being a new reader. =) You should be able to post now without getting approval. And, just so you know, every reader who writes us a little comment is also answering a little prayer. Every comment encourages us and makes our day.

    • milastlaurent

      I’m glad to hear that! You three have inspired my own erotic writing (as well as a VERY naughty night when the bf caught me reading). I can’t say enough about how moving your stories are. Please keep it up! The genre needs you.

    • Monocle

      Thanks so much, M. I also just got back. I’m really glad you found us and dying of curiosity to know in what context I’m something like a tool. I mean, how did they figure it out?

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