• Quickie • Admissions

    Admissions A Quickie by RedBud ♏ The pretty junior from Mascoma High thanked her for the interview, collected her jacket and left.  A whiff of vanilla left the room with her. The pretty junior was an A student.  She was bright, articulate and volunteered in the community. But what she liked most was the girl’s… Continue Reading

  • Thievery

    Thievery by Monocle He sits in the center of the bare room, dressed in his finery, but unable to move. His hands are cuffed to the back legs of the straight-backed hardwood chair, forcing his proud chest out a bit. His booted ankles are bound to the outside of the front legs of the chair,… Continue Reading

  • Daydreams & Distractions ☼ Mersey Fuck

    This is a little flash piece written for the ERWA story list. It was for a theme, the name of which I intentionally misread to give me the idea. It’s very short – as per the “flasher” rule of the challenge. Mersey Fuck A Daydream & Distraction by Monocle. Wind whipped around two overcoated figures… Continue Reading

  • Haunting (Part 2)

    [Start with Part 1] A few breaths. A few more. No change. More of the same lovely, soothing, maddeningly platonic massage. She was not going to ask again. Sweat beaded and pooled on her chest, flowing through the phantom tendrils as if they were indeed not really there. Rachel’s pussy wept with need, but she… Continue Reading

  • Haunting (Part 1)

    Long day. It was the end of a long day, at the end of a long week, and Rachel was tired. Worn out, feet aching, she had opted out of the Friday Club-a-thon with work friends, riding home to her small flat, grabbing the fixings of a quick dinner at the corner market next to… Continue Reading