Erotica by Redbud

  • This is the last of the rewrites I’ll be posting (the last story for the Erotic Writer anthology). I’ve got more editing to do but that will be for my next book — all the Daydreams & Distractions. Anyone interested can keep track of which stories I have edited by visiting my page (see above). 45 was one of my earliest stories for Erotic Writer and has also been very popular. It’s similar, in certain ways, to “A Good Girl”. All new stories to follow.

The small meeting room gradually filled with parents and students.
“Is that really you, Shandra?”
“Yeah,” the young woman answered.
“You’re a senior?” The older man was incredulous. Divorced, having lived out of state, he hardly recognized his daughter’s best friend.
“Can you believe it?” Shandra’s mother beamed. “My little baby.”
“Mom!” Shandra rolled her eyes.
“You look a little nervous,” the father smiled. The young woman looked flushed. “I could never speak in front of people.”
The girl laughed. “No. We thought we were late. We ran.”

45 Minutes Before

“Oh my God, I thought Mom would never leave.”
Shandra’s boyfriend, Matthew, followed her into the kitchen. She hurriedly picked up a book, notes and a spiral notepad.
“What time do you need to be there?”
“Like, now!” she snapped. “Seriously.”
“It’s only five minutes from here!” Shandra’s boyfriend palmed her hip, then cupped her ass. “God but you’ve got a cute ass.”
“Seriously. Like, right now. We have to go!”
“Face me.”
She turned. He pushed her books out of her hands and back to the table. He shoved her backwards until the table’s edge pressed into her ass. They kissed and she matched his passion, her kisses as urgent as his. His hands moved over her small breasts, feeling her nipples through the black dress. She pressed his pelvis into hers, pulling him by his ass. “I can’t.”
“I want to fuck you.”
Her eyes fluttered. She wanted to sit on the table’s edge, to open her legs. “I can’t,” she said again.

45 Minutes Later

“So what’s your senior presentation?”
“Feminism,” said Shandra.
The small auditorium was almost full. Matthew’s mother joined the parents surrounding Shandra. “Have you tried the cake? It’s delicious.” She balanced a plate with one hand, a drink in the other. “Did you say Feminism?”
“Yes. Women’s rights– .”
“She’s applied to pre-law,” her mother interrupted.
“Good for you!” Gale drawled between bites of cake. She glanced at Matthew, just joining them. “Where’s your tie, hon?”
“My tie?”
“Weren’t you wearing a tie when you left? I thought you were wearing a tie.”
Matthew felt his collar. “I forgot– ”

45 Minutes Before

Shandra rushed out to Matthew’s car. He followed. They climbed in and Matthew revved the motor.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” Matthew answered. He glanced left and pulled onto the road. They drove. Then stopped at a red light.
“I want you too.”
“It’s been seven days since you started the pill.”
Shandra didn’t answer.
“I’ve never come in you.”
Shandra’s stomach felt feather-light. She absent-mindedly pressed her ass into the seat. “Which way are you going to school?”
“I know a shortcut.”
“No.” But Shandra’s voice had changed. Her “no” was quieter. “Why right now? I don’t want to be late.”

45 Minutes Later

“Are you ok, Shandra?” Sarah whispered.
“I’m fine.”
“You’re squirming!”
“I have to pee.”
The small crowd applauded as Matthew’s younger sister finished her presentation. The high school senior smiled and the assistant principal took her place. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Steve Bower will give the next presentation.”
“Aren’t you next?” Sarah whispered.
“God, why is it so hot in here?” whispered back. She tugged at her dress. “Are you going to Dave’s party?”
“Totally. Are you?”

45 Minutes Before

“Unbutton your dress.”
She glanced at him but if he looked, he looked peripherally. His voice was strained. He had never spoken to her like this and the sound of him made her stomach flighty. She unbuttoned first one, then the next and the next. “Like this?”
“Pull the top apart.”
Her nipples flickered in and out of darkness as they passed under streetlights. Her breasts lifted and fell with her breath. “What do you want me to do next?”
“Tell me what’s going to happen to you.” His looked ahead at the road.
I’m going to be driven to school, she could say. I’m going to give you a blow job. She gazed at the passing driveways and houses. Her heart raced. “You’re going –” She closed her eyes. “– you’re going to fuck me.”
“I need your come in my pussy.”

45 Minutes Later

Brief applause was followed the Assistant Principal taking his place at the podium.
“You’re red as a beet!” Sarah whispered to Shandra.
“I’m nervous.”
“I thought you said–”
“Never mind.”
“Ms. Shandra James will be next. Her topic tonight will be feminism.” The microphone failed. After two or three tries, and a brief word with another student, the Assistant Principal hushed the students and parents. “Go ahead and stretch. Richard is getting a new microphone.”
Sarah stood.
Shandra didn’t want to.
Shandra’s mother sat behind Shandra and tapped her shoulder. “Do you want some water?”
“No thanks, Mom.”

45 Minutes Before

“Take off your panties.”
Shandra pulled up the hem of her dress until it revealed the white of her panties. With a shimmy of her hips, she pushed her panties down and over her slender legs. They fell to her ankles. She leaned forward and pulled them over her feet. Her nipples chaffed against the rough fabric of her dress. She sat up. “Where should I put them?”
“I don’t care.”
She stuffed them under the seat.
“Spread your legs.”
She did. The air was cool on her warm and moistening pussy.
Matthew loosened his tie and tugged it through his collar. “You know where the leash goes.”
Shandra took the tie and wrapped the smaller end loosely around her neck. Matthew stopped the car in the empty playground parking lot overlooking the school. There were no lights. A faint bulb dimly lit the back side of the small school and red, emergency fire door. The hillside path from the parking lot down to the school was as black as the leaves above the hillside. They were in darkness.
Matthew stepped out of the car. He walked to his girlfriend’s side and opened the door. She gazed at him, legs open, breasts rising and falling. She placed the loose end of the tie in his hand and stepped out.
“Tell me you need to be taken for a walk?”
“I need to be taken on a walk.”
Mathew gently pulled her out of the car. She clasped her hands behind her back. “Hold it,” he said. He lifted the back of her dress and placed it in her hands so that she would be naked below her hips. “Now walk,” he said, watching the young woman’s hips sway in the half light. He cock ached.
He stopped her where the higher ground fell through the thirty to forty feet of trees and to the back of the school. Cars were parking at the front. Headlights reflected from the smaller trees at the school entrance. They looked down on the roof of the school.
Shandra gasped and stiffened. Matthew’s mouth closed over her breast. He sucked her tit deeply into his mouth. She arched, pushing her breast into his mouth, her pussy lifted behind her.

45 Minutes Later

The Assistant Principal tapped the microphone. He adjusted the volume and tapped again. The general conversation among the attendees quieted. “OK,” he said, “I think everything is working.”
Students and parents shuffled back to their seats.
“As I said before,” he continued, “our next speaker will be Shandra James. She will be graduating Magna Cum Laude and will be giving the valedictory speech at graduation. Her work at this school has been outstanding. She has been a model and we, all of us, students and faculty, will miss her. Will everyone now please welcome Ms. Shandra James.”
The attendees applauded.
Shandra turned to Sarah. “I need your sweater!”
“My sweater?”
She yanked it from the back of Sarah’s chair. She tied it round her waist, still seated, as her motherly urgently tapped her shoulder. “When you’re presenting,” her mother whispered. “Nothing makes a good impression like the right posture. Stand straight!”

45 Minutes Before

“Bend over.”
They were under the black fringe of the trees. It was night. No one could see them. Below them, the faint light of a back room had been switched on. Shandra bent over. “I’m still just a high school girl.”
Matthew tied the free end of his tie around her right ankle.
She couldn’t straighten. She stared at the ground. He moved behind her. “How old are you?” She heard him unzip.
“I’m a teenager, sir.”
“I said: How old are you?”
“Eighteen, sir.”
“You don’t think you’re old enough?” She jumped at the feel of his hand on her ass. Fingers grazed the wetness between her thighs. “Let’s find out.”
“I don’t know if I’m ready.”
“There’s only one way to find out.”
She hiccuped. He pressed a finger’s tip against her asshole. Her grazed her clit with the other hand. She arched. She presented.
“Good girl.”
“I couldn’t help it.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Open your mouth.” He trailed his hand over her ass and up her spine as he moved in front of her. “Now you look like a woman should.”

45 Minutes Later

“What is a woman?” she asked, beginning her speech. “The definition of womanhood has changed throughout history and has too often been defined by men. They are their father’s commodity and their husband’s property. They are the mother of God and harlot condemned by God. Women are our iconography and our pornography. They are the girls men covet and the crones they revile.”
“Feminism began as women’s right to define themselves. Feminism is the expression of women’s desire to be heard, to be respected, to be equal, to speak…”

45 Minutes Before

The taste of his cock was still on her lips and in her mouth.
“What is your mouth for?”
“Cock, sir.”
“And what is your pussy for?”
“It’s cum, sir.”
“Then let’s put some cum in it.”
“I don’t–” she gasped, interrupted. Her mouth opened. She felt skin! – first just the smooth head placed against her slick lips – so unlike a condom! Her eyes lost focus and she widened her legs. Her opening swallowed the head of his cock. She could feel him, the details, the ridges of his cock as he continued to sink into abdomen. “Oh fuck!”
There had been no condom to tear open. There had been no waiting for him. He could penetrate her any time and anywhere he wanted. She gave a guttural cry. He held her wrists behind and above her ass as his girth slid fully into her.
She heard him exhale with pleasure.
He drew back, skin against skin, then thrust. She bit her lip and grunted. The heat of him felt good inside her. She opened her mouth and cried out with another thrust. There was a bare cock inside her for the first time! Then he was thrusting fast. Her neck remained loosely tied to her ankle. She could nothing but stare ahead as he fucked her from behind.
“I’m going to come in you–” The swing of his hips abruptly changed to short, deep thrusts.
“Please what?” Matthew groaned, playing the game.
“Please, Sir!” She struggled to free her wrists from his grip. “I can’t–”
“Can’t what?”
She struggled, hips pivoting on the length thrust inside her.
“Is it hard? – bent over? – pussy full of cock?”
“Yes, Sir.” She couldn’t dislodge the embedded cock. “I can’t help it!”
“Of course you can’t. Look straight ahead. This has nothing to do with you.”
He pulled her hair back. “I said look straight ahead!”
Her eyes widened. Her belly clenched around her boyfriend’s cock. Someone visited one of the rooms that faced the hillside – the hillside where she was being fucked. The light went off again. The muscles in her abdomen clenched again. She heard laughter. Headlights pulled into the lot on the building’s other side. She could hear her friends. The fucking was incessant. Her pussy clenched. Her eyes rolled. Her midriff, penetrated from behind again and again, smoothly surrendered to orgasm.

45 Minutes Later

“Let us never surrender our bodies. Let us seek our own position in life. Let us no longer think of ourselves as helpless. Let the ideal of modern feminism be the woman free to define herself – free from the imposition of men -and- women. Let us be free to be both professionals and nonprofessionals – mother and home keeper without guilt. Let us be free to define ourselves as both desiring and objects of desire. Let us be free to make our own choices…”

45 Minute Before

Matthew lifted her wrists and almost forced her lips to her knees.
She grunted as his cock pressed more deeply into her. He was going to come! A man was going to come in her womb. Her womb! “Please, Sir,” she breathed. “I’ve never – never had cum inside me.”
“I’m not sure– ”
“Hold still– ”
“Yes, Sir.”
“What are you?”
“I’m a woman, Sir.”
“Exactly.” he pressed hard and pulsed! She could feel it: Cum! – his cock spilling its orgasm inside her! She held still, receiving her lover’s effluence for the first time. It felt so natural. She swore she could feel the warm fluid flow into her.
Matthew exhaled loudly.
He undid the tie. She stood. His cock twitched in her belly, depositing a few last drops. He reached around her. He placed a hand on her womb and another on her breast. He kissed the back of her neck. She rested her head on his shoulder and his touch moved gratefully over her hips, belly and breasts. She gratefully held her pussy up and back.

45 Minutes Later

“I knew you when you were just a 2nd grader! And to think you presented tonight!”
“Thank you.”
“And here you are,” Sarah’s father continued, “a bright young woman–”
“Shandra!” Sarah interrupted. Thank God. “Do you still want to party tonight? Steven said we could ride with him. Stacy and Ron are going with Janice.”
Shandra pulled Matthew behind her and bit her lip. “I’m going with Matthew.”

45 Minutes Before

Matthew released her wrists and the tie.
She turned, kissed him, and pushed her dress down and over her hips. “We have to go!”Her belly felt warm.
“Jesus, that felt good.”
“C’mon! We have to go!”
Matthew dropped the tie as he forced his cock into his pants. He didn’t notice and neither did she.
“This way!” She pulled him down the path that led from the playground to the school’s back entrance.
Her panties!
They were in the car but she didn’t have time.
They slipped into the building. They could hear voices. Mathew stopped her, pressed her back against the wall. “Fuck,” he mumbled. He kissed her, palming her breast and squeezing her ass. “I want you again.”
She kissed him just as fiercely. “I’m so fucking wet.”
“God, you filled me,” she whispered. “It’s like you’re still inside me, like you’re still fucking me.” She slipped away from him and hurried round the hallway corner. She saw her friends and Sarah.

45 Minutes Later

Shandra’s stomach was tied in knots.
She raced up the pathway. Matthew followed, watching her slender hips sway. She had been fucked. He liked that about her. He liked how some girls moved differently after being penetrated. She stopped at the top of the path. “What’s going on?” he asked.
She removed the sweater she had tied at her waist. She put it on the hood of the car. She turned around and bent over the hood, opening her legs and arching her back.
The black dress was soaked at the center of her ass.
She glanced back at him. The black fabric was white with his cum. Matthew stepped behind her, slowly lifting the dress. She lifted her pussy, offering it to him.
“So,” he said, “you give a speech on feminism–”
“With your taste in my mouth, with my cunt full of your orgasm, with your cock dripping down my thighs, like I was yours and nobody else’s.”
“You like hat?”
“I love that. Do you know what it’s like for a woman to have her man’s taste in her mouth and pussy – Fuck! You put so much cum in me.”
He lifted the soaked dress over her ass. Her thighs were streaked with cum. He saw a beautiful women.
“I don’t get you.”
“Men are so clueless.”
“There’s one more place you need cock.”
“Just relax.”
Hers eyes widened and she abruptly shuddered.
“Good girl.”

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    • This one is one of my favorite stories. I’ll probably end up replacing one of the weaker Daydreams & Distractions with this story when I sit down to publish them (when I’ve written 101). Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate it.

  1. vanillamom



    This is a story that so completely captures the ecstasy of being taken, of giving, of fucking and cumming…of possession and poise…Will…this is stunning.

    And gawd I am so incredibly turned on….


  2. Fredwalls

    I like the apparent dichotomy presented here. A woman being take by her man (master?) just before speaking on feminism – against the concept of man as the master. Then the realisation comes that she is not taken, but is choosing to give – a different slant altogether, and totally compatible with her speech.
    Keep on writing – I’ll gladly keep on reading.
    NB I would appreciate a password to access the darker areas of the site.

  3. April

    It is interesting how you played this. The feminism verses male ‘dominance.’
    On the other hand being dominated is, as someone else pointed out, usually a choice.
    And being dominated in this way is…. Heaven on earth.

    (Actually, heaven probably isn’t the right word.)

  4. stephaniesubmits

    This is what I’m talking about – freedom to choose one’s own path, and to live life according to one’s own wishes. Feminism is not static.

  5. Sofia

    Will, This is a wicked, wicked story. The contrast here is so exciting and raw and simply electrical. You also perfectly timed the ending of each past and present scene, jumping at the best possible moment to highlight the distinction. Of course, the beautiful domination isnt really a contradiction to feminism in the slightest, and that for me is the delectable cherry on top.

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