Spelunker (Part 3)

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Spelunker (Part 3)

The quiet dripping and bubbling sounds of the cavern pool and the cavern filled her ears. She tried to rest, let the natural rhythms and patterns lull her. But then there were the  occasional heavier drops of water, little ripples. A faint sloshing noise.

Sloshing? That wasn’t right. Lorelei opened her eyes to the darkness. The glowing lichen growths  were still there, and their ghostly light bathed both chambers. The upper room had more than Lorelei thought earlier; it seemed brighter, and she could see- Her breath caught. It looked like the rocks were moving. The columns twisted and bent. The stalagmites and stalactites waved and undulated, like plants in the currents of an aquarium. They stretched  – elongating and contracting as if alive. They reached up, and outward.

They reached in her direction.

“What?! Hey!” Lorelei yelped. She grabbed for the lantern and backpedaled instinctively away from the glowing tendrils.

“Co-Wuh!” *splash* She’d started to shout for Colin, but slipped off the edge of the lip and into the upper chamber pool. The lantern came on, but she lost her grip on it and it sank to the bottom of the pool. Lorelei sputtered and cursed, and then let out a small shriek as something smooth and hard brushed her arm. In the mixed lantern and lichen light it looked like a trunk or column. It felt like rock, but moved like it was alive, curving around her left forearm and under her armpit.

She tried to pull away from it, splashing frantically but another had joined it, seeking and finding her other arm. Lorelei tried to scream, but got a mouthful of water as she inhaled and could only sputter and cough instead, during which time she felt herself lifted out of the pool and drawn toward the maw of the upper chamber.

Her eyes widened in both wonder and fear as the stone tendrils carried her, legs kicking, over the lip. The lichens now seemed to glow brighter. Or was the rock itself faintly self-illuminated? Regardless, the formations on the floor and ceiling in the center of the chamber looked like upward and downward facing anemone. What had been rocky protrusions of stalagmites and stalactites and straws and curtains were now wavering tendrils and tentacles of stone in many different sizes. And she was being drawn right toward it.

“Hey! No! STOP!” Lorelei finally found her voice, which now echoed around the cavern. Though the quiet susurrations and dripping and splashing of the stone tentacles did not respond in any way she could detect.

“STOP! COOLLLIIIIN!” she shouted her distress. “HEY!”

She had been carried to the edge of the center formation – now alive with motion. Many stone tendrils, a combination of hard surface and yielding body, writhed in her direction.

With a heroic effort, Lorelei contorted, pulled, and slipped loose, falling a few feet to splash into the shallow pool. She slightly wrenched her left arm, and banged her right ankle into the hard stone at floor of the pool, but she ignored that pain in a panicked effort to get back to the lip. To escape? She couldn’t think about that yet. At least maybe to get her hammers.

She reached the rope still hanging down into the bowl of the chamber, grateful for that foresight, at least, but as her hand closed on it, something decidedly un-ropelike looped around her left ankle and pulled her off balance. She went down with a shriek and a splash, slipping down the bowl’s gentle slope as more tendrils converged on her, entangling all four of her flailing limbs even as they pulled her back to the center of the room.

“HEEELLP!” She cried. Then caught her breath. The formation in the center was aglow. A dull red, like the coals of a dead campfire, emanated from the forest of tentacles, adding its warm light to the greenish lichens. It looked burning hot, but was only warm where the glowing rock touched her.

Stone tendrils carried her inward – and passed her inside the circle of living columns. Tentacles of rock brushed her nakedness, caressing her. Some were straw size, finger size, larger. Some twined around her arms and legs, still holding her feet above the shallow water as she tried to struggle free.

As she fought and called out, she caught sight of the very center of the formation. The strange stalagmite that had been there, that she had… It was gone. Only an irregularly  glowing reddish dome broke above the circle of the water in the center of the formation. Lorelei didn’t understand. But she couldn’t think about it right now. Her hands were being pulled up against two of the stone columns, like they were going to tie her to them with chords of stone. What actually happened was even more terrifying. Her hands were pulled firmly against the warm, wet, hard stone of the columns, and they yielded. They flowed around her hands, swallowing them until she was buried up to both wrists in softened rock. Then, like rapid-setting concrete, the column re-solidified, trapping her hands inside them with terrifying firmness. Lorelei pulled frantically, her voice failing her, to no effect.

She didn’t notice that her feet were being treated the same way until she felt the warm stone around her ankles. She discovered she was now suspended, spread eagle facing down over the glowing dome in the center of the chamber.

“NOOOO!! Stopp!! What’s happening?!” Lorelei was on the verge of tears. What was happening was impossible. Confusion and fear shook her.

She looked down at the red dome. It glowed a dull crimson still, maybe brighter than before. Warm water dripped on her back and buttocks and legs from above. No not water. It was something different, more viscous against her skin.  She turned her head, trying to flip her wet hair out of her eyes to look up above her. And then looked back away quickly in fear, pulling at her trapped hands and feet.

Delicate looking stalactite tubules descended around her. Dozens of them, each dripping its oily secretion. As Lorelei struggled, suspended above the floor, they reached her, and brushed and rubbed against her body. She tried to pull away, but she had nowhere to escape to. The tendrils curled around her breasts, caressing and squeezing them, slathering them with their fluids and teasing her nipples to hardness. Other tubules slithered up and down her back and sides, along the cleft of her clenched buttocks. Some curled around down to her thighs, between her open legs to her mound, and, pussy, and clit, squirming  and squirting.  Lorelei whimpered as one or two thin tendrils worked their way easily into her vagina, spreading their oil inside her as they went. She grunted and then shrieked as another wormed its way slowly but insistently into her resisting anus, something she’d never even contemplated before.

Lorelei screamed cried and fought, and almost exhausted herself trying to avoid the insistent caresses before the arousal finally broke through. That made it even worse. She realized, belatedly, and with no small terror, that these things, the rocks themselves, were for some reason deliberately trying to sexually stimulate her. Somehow they were reading the map of her body, and finding all the spots that made her nerves jangle with sensual delight. She could not deny how good it felt, but how could she let it? Was there something wrong with her that her body could respond to this… what was this anyway? But how could she not respond to it? She couldn’t stop the touches and teases, and they seemed to learn quickly exactly how to get a reaction from her. It was like they had a will – that they wanted to coax a sexual response out of her.

Worse, as their writhing manipulations intensified Lorelei became convinced that they… they were trying to make her cum. And they were going to succeed! She still struggled, even believing it was hopeless. The touches were so private and pervasive, coxing her and teasing her, and her body was responding by itself. Somewhere along the line, the jerking of her hips changed from evasion to something more accepting, then a sensual rolling and rising back into the tickle of the tendrils’ touch. She’d been trying to force her knees together and close her legs before, but the awful, tantalizing caresses had somehow convinced her knees to bow outward, opening her more to them. Sensations she’d never imagined cascaded across and inside her.

“Ohhh God! Stoooop!” She whined now, between moans. And she only half meant it.

The erotic torture continued, and Lorelei felt herself losing ground. She wanted to fight, to give in, to run away! Gradually, some of the little tubules changed from dripping and spurting to sucking, making little slurping noises all over her body.

“Oh! Oh!” Some of the little mouth-like suckers had found her aureoles, and nipples.

“OHH!” Others suctioned gently on her labia, and found her clit. Lorelei was shaking all over. The fear of her situation slowly losing to the insistent and increasing stimulation.

“God, Please! Hhhh-OHH UHH!”

There was no stopping it, and her body wasn’t listening any more. Swipes and sucks across her most sensitive spots, little wriggling teases in her pussy and her rear end. It was too much. The sensations pushed her over the edge and she came, violently. She tensed and arched, pulling at her trapped extremities, stomach muscles tightening as the pleasure streamed through her. The hard, flexible tube in her sex curled and stroked along the roof of her tunnel, raking itself gently over that magic nerve cluster she’d only herself discovered last year. Her climax ratcheted higher and she screamed in release feeling something inside let go. Her cheeks burned with remembered embarrassment as she felt her own cream gush out of her to join the dripping oil on the glowing dome below her.

The tendrils played her until she was shaking and exhausted, limp in the gentle hold of many small limbs. They supported her, preventing her trapped wrists and ankles from taking all her weight, for which she was at least briefly grateful.

Her head hung low. Her damp, bedraggled hair almost reached the surface of the red glowing dome. It was brighter now – she was sure it wasn’t just her eyes getting accustomed to it. Its light was pulsing. And… moving now, changing shape.

“Ohh, no..”

Lorelei’s eyes widened and she moaned in fright as the phallic stalagmite shape re-formed from the dome. Only this time it wasn’t solid unmoving rock. It swayed under her like a living thing. The pulsing of it became more orderly, rings of brightness beginning at the base under the water and traveling up the narrowing form to the waving tip.

And it wasn’t just that central mound.  Lorelei realized that the whole cavern now pulsed with red, verging on orange light.

It flowed from the walls to the floor and ceiling to the central formation that held her. And the drawings! The cave drawings glowed brighter, clear against the walls – even through the covering flowstones. There was a sequence there in the pictures – a story. If she could see them more clearly…

Wet warmth brushed her inner thighs, sliding up between her legs.


The light pulses, converged on the lengthening stalagmite, growing towards her with each glowing surge. It closed the gap inch by inch, not pausing as touched her slit, nosing into her parted labia, pushing deeper pulse by pulse. It slid itself inside her, stuffing her weakly spasming pussy with the unstoppable strength of the Earth itself. Lorelei felt the seemingly limitless power behind it, something that could tear through her like a finger through tissue paper. It was terrifying, and thus its gentleness with her was even more frightening. It filled her full, pressing its hard heat deeply into her, the memory of her recently lost virginity a tiny flaring of nerves. Then it withdrew almost completely, and returned again.


It was fucking her. The thing… the stalagmite… the cave… the Earth… The light pulsed brighter, flowing all through the room, up the shaft, disappearing into her. It – the light – flowed into her deep. Deeper than a mere physical location. She imagined she felt the light disperse and spread through her as the rock phallus bottomed out in her. The power of it overwhelmed. She was something so small and frail, but she was the center of it all, the absolute focus of energy and attention. She felt… connected to it, whatever it was, and as her body began to move with the sliding shaft, she surrendered to it. She had to. It was everything around her. And inside her. It wanted her. It needed her.

Yes. There was need there. A bleakness within all the strength. A loss, a loneliness that ached across unknowable time. Somehow, she answered that. She filled this intangible emptiness as certainly as the physical presence filled her body. Lorelei’s terror faded. Her desire to escape, her pretense at struggle, stilled. Now, her body simply responded, and she didn’t try to fight it. She raised her rear a little, hips turning her pelvis back to make herself more accessible. The smaller tendrils wriggling all over her… They thrilled her now – even the one obscenely fluttering in her ass. Each light pulse converging on the stalagmite, and then in her sent a incredible rush up her pussy, deeper and deeper into her as it pushed towards her center. Now she was sure –  the light continued into her to spread throughout her body, each bright surge more intense than the last, crossing the threshold from pleasure to something almost unbearable.

The whole world fucked her, pleasured her, filled her with light and strength.

When she came, it was an eruption of her soul. Orgasm exploded from her very center and her entire body screamed her pleasure. Light flared bright around and inside her, the flow staggering and reversing as her inner muscles clamped and squeezed the rock shaft – and it gave like a living thing. The light… reversed, flowing out from her, not in orderly pulses but in a torrential frenzy of lust and life. She squeezed and pushed herself back into the shaft, crying out her ecstasy. Energy streamed out of her. Life and joy in boundless reserve, pouring into the yawning, lonely emptiness, filling it as she was filled. The cavern around her rumbled and shook, as if the cave itself was cumming just as she was. Lorelei went higher and higher, gushing and churning and floating, until the light carried her completely away…

(To Be Continued)

– Monocle


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