A Detrin

On a ticket stub to Die Freischutz

My dear, you are beautiful.  You are the loveliest creature in the opera house tonight.  I know something about you – that you would like to be a student at the conservatory this fall and that you possess a voice of astonishing range and maturity.  I also note that you possess astonishing maturity in other areas.  I am a connoisseur not just of opera, my dear, but of these other areas.  You will find me very well connected, generous, and discreet.

To read the updated and edited version of this story, go here. The story will be generally available until published, and then restricted to members of Obsidian Lens.

Latest Comments

  1. Seduced-by-Darkness says:

    “You are the first,” he answered. “You are my Pygmalion, finally. You crave to be admired, adored, narcissism without conscience.”

    “I am a woman,” she answered with a sly smile. One that he couldn’t see. “It is my right.”

    I adored this story, very perceptive and extremely evocative. Your writing can seduce both the mind and the body, an undeniable gift.

  2. Peter says:

    Superb! I loved the images, the decadence, the dialogue, and the vocabulary.

    And it was very, VERY erotic.

    Thank you.

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